The Samsung Galaxy A70 is endowed with a large screen and a 32 megapixel selfie camera

With a large battery of 4,500 mAh, the Galaxy A70 supports a fast charge of 25W, making it the first Galaxy phone to do so (the Galaxy S10 5G will also support the load of 25W when it arrives in April) . As for other specifications, it contains an 8-core processor, 6 GB or 8 GB of RAM (depending on options and region) and 128 GB of internal storage above a microSD slot that exceeds it by 512 GB. You will also get facial recognition and a fingerprint reader on the screen.

The only thing missing is perhaps a zoom like the one you can find on the $ 400 P20 phone from Huawei. Nevertheless, these specifications are very interesting for a mid-range device, and Samsung is probably hoping to do business in this market, given how much demand for high-end phones has fallen. Samsung has not yet revealed the price and availability of the A70, but will reveal more on April 10.

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