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The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 unveiled in the first "official" pictures leaked

The first official photos of Samsung Galaxy Note 10's flagship device appear to have been leaked on the Web, courtesy of MySmartPriceof Ishan Agarwal. After the Galaxy S10 and S10 +, the Galaxy Note range is Samsung's largest smartphone equipped with a stylus. The unveiling of Note 10 will take place on August 7, about a month before the launch of the Apple iPhone 2019 lineup.

The image above reveals that the Galaxy Note 10 will be available in a pearly silver-blue color, while a second leaked image reveals that an additional black version will also be available. In other cases, according to previous rumors, the Galaxy Note 10 adopts the same curved glass screen design as the one used in previous Note devices, but the front panel now features an edge-to-edge display with a video camera. unique perforation.

At the back of the camera we can see a three-camera chart. This suggests that rumors about a four-camera configuration, including a fourth-time 3D depth-of-flight camera, are largely out of date, or that we are looking at the smaller 6.28-inch model as claimed by WinFutureThat's Roland Quandt.

Samsung is reported to have released a second-biggest Note 10 of 6.75 inches next month. If this model includes the network of 4 camera cameras with ToF, the company will debut with 3D depth detection technology on a global scale a year before Apple, which would have been introduced into its range of products. iPhone 2020. If the biggest device supports 5G support (according to the same rumor), these will be two technological flags that Samsung can restart at least a year before Apple.

There is no fingerprint sensor visible in these images, which suggests that Note 10 will inherit a Galaxy S10 sub-display fingerprint sensor. Another noticeable change is that this device has one less button than Note 9, suggesting either a power button moved underneath the volume flip-flops, or the absence of a Bixby button.

We can not see from these filtered images if Note 10 is losing the headphone jack, as it has also been said. If this is the case, users will have to decide for themselves whether this agrees with Samsung's claim that these new devices are "designed to bring the connectivity of the Galaxy ecosystem to a higher level." (Samsung has killed the 2018 Galaxy A8's headphone jack after years of teasing Apple for doing the same thing.)

In addition to launching Note 10, Samsung could also use its August event to give more details on when we can expect the delayed Galaxy Fold to be launched. Samsung had planned to release it earlier this year, but canceled its debut after much mediocre criticism from media sites.

We do not know exactly when Apple will unveil its own range of smartphones 2019, but based on previous years, we can expect the Cupertino-based company to organize an event in the first or second week of September, with September 9th and 10th. probably being possible candidates.

Apple plans to offer its 2019 iPhones in three sizes, identical to the current range of iPhone. The two high-end devices will continue to use the OLED, while the successor of the iPhone XR will include an LCD screen and a lower price.

The successors of the iPhone XS and XS Max will use triple-lens devices, while the successor to XR will feature a dual-purpose camera. The camera updates will be the most important changes made to iPhones in 2019. As suggested, no 5G connectivity is planned for this year, but faster WiFi and LTE connections are expected. For more on the 2019 iPhones, be sure to check out our roundup.

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