The Samsung Galaxy S10 range can be purchased through the Microsoft Store


Once Microsoft is out of the game of hardware for smartphones, it is free of "Trojan horse" and to be known to any partner he considers valuable and it is now Samsung.

In the latest versions of Galaxy, Microsoft has developed a range of smart phones that are comfortable and highly efficient for peddling its products for smart phones, such as a new launcher, preloaded software and services, and digital assistants, such as an almost native Microsoft experience on a smart phone. That said, it is not surprising that he has found a new way to promote his partner's latest flagship product.

As millions of US residents head to their favorite carrier at the weekend to upgrade, redeem or replace their old Galaxy device, they will be thrilled with Samsung's latest and greatest products in its Galaxy S10 line of phones.

Fortunately, Windows 10 users have an even shorter route to get their next Galaxy phone since Microsoft and Samsung have apparently partnered to place the phone in the Microsoft Store and users can buy directly from their devices.

Going to the Microsoft Store and searching for "Samsung Galaxy" should display this page for a lot. As Microsoft does not offer a smartphone, the categorization of the Galaxy S10 range is explicitly highlighted in the store. However, when searching, a multitude of Galaxy devices and accessories, such as the new Watch Active, Galaxy The buds and cases surface.

For those looking to purchase the new Galaxy S10, the Microsoft Store is another convenient place to purchase Samsung's latest flagship product.

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