The Samsung Galaxy S10 series becomes a night mode for its camera


the Samsung Galaxy S10 series receives a dedicated night mode in its camera application in a supposedly living update in Switzerland, by SamMobileand should logically be deployed to other regions soon.

Night mode would be a dedicated version of the 'Bright Night' function, to which S10 cameras would switch automatically in low light. Now users can switch to a dedicated mode by sliding their finger in the camera's mode carousel alongside the panoramic, professional and live focus.

The new mode should seriously increase the disadvantages of the S10 line camera. Although their lens range is impressive, like all other flagship products, the S10 does not have the night mode of the Google Pixel 3, which transposes a remarkable amount of context in low light scenes and night, which we noted in the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus review.

But how will it be?

In fact, we did not find the Galaxy S10's auto-activation night mode, which surpasses the night-time modes of the other flagship phones. But, given its irregular activation, it was difficult to judge the mode anyway – we are eager to test it against other contenders for the best camera.

There are several, and even a month after the launch of the S10 range, the Huawei P30 Pro seems to be able to surpass even the powerful Pixel 3 in low light situations.

The update comes with the April security patch (again, only available in Switzerland at the moment). You will have to wait for both.

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