The screams of David Ousted give a goal to the old team

David Ousted is in his first season with the Chicago Fire and he has started the MLS 2019 regular season well, with a series of key saves for the fire to sometimes crumble in the games.

But the goalkeeper offered a gift to his former team on Friday, which took advantage.

The fire hosted Vancouver Whitecaps FC at SeakGeek Stadium on MLS Friday night on TSN, and with the scoreless game at the start of the second half, Ousted ventured too far over Jon Erice's floating center and then attempted to prevent the ball from touching the ball outside garden box. When he pushed back the ball, he found himself directly in the path of Yordy Reyna, who jumped and scored in the empty goal.

Ousted, who played for the Whitecaps from 2013 to 2017, inadvertently offered a break to a player and team who have not seen much so far this season.

The Whitecaps played Friday's game with no win in 2019, with just one point in five games. Although they did not win, as the match ended in a 1-1 draw, the result was another result for a team that worked desperately to earn points at this point.

And Reyna, who has just finished his best season in MLS, having scored six goals and 11 assists, has not yet managed to get on the track, so the goal in Chicago could start his season.

The head coach of Reyna, Marc Dos Santos, admitted to the training this week that he was still trying to beat the Peruvian's abilities.

"Yordy has been unstable," Dos Santos told reporters. "I believe in the tools that he has, I think he's a 1-v-1 player who can create things, that can make a difference anytime, what I'm still learning about Yordy, it's there are strong moments and then very low moments. "

Dos Santos seemed to evoke FIFA's ratings by trying to find consistency in Reyna's production.

"I have to find a way as a coach to try to find, agree, instead of being between 80 and 15, then between 75 and 20, can he to be a 70 year old man? It's there that I want to find help. "

For his part, Ousted recognized the blunder after the match against reporters.

"I made a mistake, as simple as that." I told the guys when I entered the locker room that, I apologized for putting us in this hole and that it was an error on my side It hurts, especially in a game like this We needed three points and I think we had the majority of chances, but that's the nature of the position, "he said .

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