The secret of how Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively make their marriage a success


Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds share an adorable chemistry and both are hilarious in their interactions on social networks that make fans laugh. How is this famous husband and wife duo in Hollywood able to maintain their relationship so strong? It turns out that they have thought carefully to make sure their family goes first.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have a growing family

Reynolds and Lively met during filming The Green lantern in 2011, but they did not start dating right away. The two were in a relationship when they met for the first time and the sparks did not really start flying until they had a double date … with other people. Reynolds explained that the chemistry was undeniable: "She had an appointment with another guy and I, I had an appointment with another girl. It was the most difficult date for this party because we were like fireworks. "

They were married in 2012 and although they share the details of their lives through social media, they are very private and make sure that their family life is out of public view, as much as they are. possible. This rule applies especially to their children. They have two daughters named James and Inez. They also recently delighted fans when they appeared together at the premiere of Reynolds' latest film, Pokemon: Detective Pikachu. Vivid appeared dressed in yellow Pikachu and sporting an obvious baby hump.

They work hard to make their marriage work

While the seemingly effortless link between the two players can be endearing to fans, the couple made it clear that their relationship was intentionally taking work and planning. In particular, they make sure to give priority to their family before their work.

This must be a delicate balance for two stars that are in great demand. Although Reynolds is probably a little more famous than Lively with his resounding success in the superhero genre, Lively has made a name for herself in the romance and theater categories.

The two men also share an acting story at a young age and have been in the spotlight since their teenage years. They were both nominated for the Teen Choice Awards the same evening in 2005! Lively was nominated for her work on the Sister of the travel pants and Reynolds won a Scary Film Award for his bathtub scene in The horror of Amityville.

Despite a long acting career and successful careers, the two men worked together to make sure they were not separated for long periods of time. This means that they do not work on movies at the same time and that they must surely refuse the roles for this arrangement to work.

Reynolds explained, "Blake and I do not shoot movies at the same time. If she makes a film in Thailand and I make a film in Vancouver, we will never see each other. We operate as a unit and it works very well for us. The whole family travels together to make their lives work. "The children stay with us and the family stays together, and that's where the house is. So if we are in Spain, Utah or New York, as long as we are together, we are at home, "added Reynolds.

Reynolds may have learned a lesson from his previous marriage

Reynolds was married to another famous actress in the past. Scarlett Johansson, her super-hero compatriot, got married in 2008. While the two men were extremely confidential about their relationship and did not share much detail at the time, they each got a little bit revealed as to the cause of their ultimate split.

Johansson acknowledged at one point that their busy work schedules prevented them from seeing each other very often, which made investment in marriage very difficult.

It seems that Reynolds learned a lot from this experience because he and Lively made sure to work together so that they could stay together as much as possible.

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