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The press conference of a Sheriff's ministry Saturday night was the last turning point in the weird story of a member of parliament who was injured last Wednesday by a sniper at the Lancaster Sheriff's Station, which prompted "hundreds of law enforcement personnel," including SCV deputies Sheriff's Station, to respond.

Investigators from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Homicide Bureau, who investigated all shooting reports involving officers, were posted to Facebook around 11 pm. On Saturday, MP Angel Reinosa, who said he caught fire while he was on the station's parking lot last week, is now under criminal investigation.

Reinosa's report resulted in a containment and evacuation of an apartment complex adjacent to the Lancaster Command Post and a press conference by Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris, who expressed his outrage before the initial report.

"There was no sniper, no shots and no shoulder gunshot wounds – completely fabricated," said Lt. Kent Wegener of the Department's Homicide Bureau, during the broadcast. live on social networks late at night.

Investigators claimed that Reinosa had confessed to having invented the incident during a follow-up interview on Saturday, while department officials were attempting to question him about his initial report that he reportedly caught fire in the Lancaster car park. According to Wegener's statement, he admitted to having made holes in his shirt to give the impression that he had been injured.

"The investigators saw two holes in his uniform, which he said coincided with his injury, allegedly caused by the sniper's bullet," said Wegener, explaining how the investigators confirmed the suspicions about the initial report. which had already proliferated on social media two days later.

No motivation was given, although speculation abounded on social media. Deputy Sheriff Robin Limon said the sheriff's department was planning to "fire Reinosa out of office" at Saturday's press conference.

Sheriff Alex Villanueva did not attend the press conference on Saturday, but issued a statement on social media on Sunday.

At the press conference, the media insisted on the reasons that would have pushed Reinosa to justify his actions. Wegener called Reinosa's statement "servile … it did not make much sense, but he did not deepen his knowledge". why he cut the holes (in his uniform), or why he made the story. "

The 21-year-old MP was "relatively new" and still in training, Wegener added, who asked him if he had indicated that he was seeking recognition or attention for his work.

Sheriff's officials reported Saturday that they could not say exactly when their suspicions had begun, but Wegener said, "There were a lot of curious things – either the evidence found or the lack of evidence," referring to the fact that there was no ballistic solution. evidence indicating that a shot had been fired.

The sheriff's officials first reported that an Airsoft plunger had been found in the building, but MPs said it had nothing to do with it. incident.

Reinosa was treated at the hospital for "what was described as a gunshot wound, because that's what he reported," Wegener said.

"This is extremely disappointing," said Limon, adding that the sheriff's department was planning to impose stricter standards on his deputies.

The sheriff's officials said the false emergency report would likely be a charge to the LA County Attorney's Office, although prosecuting such charges would ultimately be a prosecutorial decision, and the record was still subject of an active investigation.

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