The shooting in 3 points of Bison disappears when they need it most


The Bison, a team that set a school record by scoring 3 points this season, lost just 8 of 29 over a 3-point distance against tournament-seeded Duke Friday, March 22 at Colonial Life Arena . That 27.6 percent – fueled by a late gunshot of backups in the second half – is one of the reasons why NDSU dropped from 85 to 62 at the Blue Devils.

There were certainly other reasons, including striker Duke All-American Williamson Zion. But if the Bison had a chance against the Blue Devils, they would have to continue their trend of the season, which is to score three points. They could not do it from the beginning.

"It's Duke, their length and athleticism are something we do not see.You have to experience these things," said Bison head coach Dave Richman. "They have the ability, with their length and athleticism, to speed you up and that's what happened here."

The Bison missed their first two 3 points before junior guard Vinnie Shahid scored a goal after 1 minute and 43 seconds. He followed this with another 30 seconds later, and the Bison seemed to be settling into their long-range intense shooting routine. Shahid's second mark gave them a 6-5 lead.

But NDSU did not make another 3-pointer for the rest of the half, ranging from 0 to 10 on that stretch, and finish the first 20 minutes from 2 to 14 (13%). Remarkably, NDSU followed only 31-27 at halftime.

"They were falling in. They have a lot of length and athleticism and you have to get ready for that and shoot," said Tyson Ward, Bison Junior. "You can not think too much and I think that's a bit of what happened, we thought too much, we thought we might have a little influence on our shots."

NDSU missed their first shot of 3 points in the second half before Shahid scored another with 17:17 to play in the game to shoot the Bison in the 40-30.

At that time, Williamson and his Blue Devils teammates had taken control of the game.

NDSU had 324 shots in the game, surpassing the previous record of 294 set last season. The Bison averaged 9.5 points at 3 points per game. and pulled 38.2 percent over the year.

The lowest percentage of the NDSU season for a 3-point percentage also came against an opponent ranked first. The Bison did only 4 attempts on 27 against Gonzaga on November 26, while the Bulldogs were ranked No. 1. Gonzaga had won the match by 102 to 60.

Shahid finished 3 of 7 on 3 points to lead the Bison. Reservist Jordan Horn made three in the second half when the match was out of reach. The Freshman Jarius Cook Reserve also added a late 3-pointer.

Jared Samuelson, the best three-pointer Bison, was absent. Samuelson entered the game after scoring a team record of 38 points, 38 points or 48.7 points. Samuelson did not make a 3-pointer against Duke and only attempted one. Other generally reliable shooters like Rocky Kreuser and Tyree Eady have also been laundered.

"They had to work for their shots," said Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski. "What they did when they failed, in the first period, was that they got rebounds." We did not bounce on the defensive. 39, is a very good team.I watched six of their games.t fight.They play basketball solid and really good.Every child has confidence in his role.It is a very strong team well trained, I am very impressed by them. "


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