The silent driver: how Tesla made driving fast even more fun


Published on April 13, 2019 |
by Kyle Field

April 13, 2019 by Kyle Field

In terms of fast driving, I bit my teeth on a 1997 Pontiac Trans Am. There were 305 horsepower before I started tinkering with the intake, the exhaust, the mass flow sensor of Air and some other treats. Thanks to the work on the exhaust gases, this car has trained my body to combine speed with the powerful cry of its LS1 V8 engine.

Unfortunately, the cops also liked the escape because they could hear me coming from a mile several kilometers further. The exhaust and screaming he emitted was unfortunately stronger than I had been careful at the age of 21, which resulted in a steady stream of expensive tickets and points on my license. The logic m caught up one day and after many years of DIY under the hood and driving fun with the Trans Am, I traded it for a 2003 Ford Focus, among others. After all, who could get a ticket in this little car?

Several decades and a handful of more fuel efficient vehicles later, I find myself driving a car that begs me to put the pedal back on the ground, the Tesla Model 3. What's crazy is that this car continues faster while Tesla continues to refine the performance of the engine and battery system with each software update. Tesla launched an update starting on March 15 adding 15 km of range to the car and is 5% faster. It's crazy.

This new update has made me think again about performance. An increase of 5% will not change your life on the track, but it has raised the issue of performance in the foreground. That made me understand that one of the things I like, and that a lot of people like, about Model 3, is that same silent acceleration. At the touch of the pedal, the car moves forward, threatening to leave her passengers behind her as she throws them back into their seats.

What I've understood is that with internal combustion cars, they get noticed when they take off. There is an internal adrenaline rush due to speed, but also another cause of the high noise that they emit. As they turn away from the line, their exhaust proclaims loud and clear: "I'm really going really fast right now."

Tesla has reversed all this game. There is a new paradigm that sounds like the future. Well, that was the future I was being told about in cartoons, where cars were passing and robots were doing our dirty work so we could have more fun. Tesla's vehicles sneak off the line as they progress in the future, at faster and faster speeds. The new Tesla Roaster 2.0 goes from 0 to 60 mph in 1.9 seconds. It will take your breath away, but it will make your consciousness worse, your body and your brain will have a hard time understanding what's really going on.

The silence is beautiful. The silence is fast. Silence is more fun. Driving an electric vehicle with a pedal provides instant and transformative pleasure. Drivers no longer need to be noticed if they just want to have a little fun, and that changes the game. I found myself exploding the line from a few intersections of the city that then offer a track long enough to safely return to earth.

Freeway Highways are also a favorite because they are designed to give drivers enough space to upgrade. Not enough room to reach the speed of the highway? In fact, it's even better. Now I to have hit the pedal. It's not me, it's the road. Did I have a choice?

Driving our ICE killer muffler, also called Tesla Model 3, made driving fast even more fun. Not attracting attention to the cops also makes it a bit more affordable, although I doubt that this factor makes the calculation of the total cost of ownership of Paul Fosse's model 3 or the case of Vijay Govindan for trading. of the family van versus a model 3 as a way to save money (article coming soon). I do not have a ticket so far and hope that the trend will continue.

If you plan to drive quickly in your electric vehicle, or in any vehicle, please do so in safe environments. Always observe the posted speed limits locally. And be sure to wear your seatbelt. If you really want to live, put the security of the vehicle you drive at the top of your list of essentials for your next (or last) vehicle purchase.

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