The Sims 4 have a new strange mystery to discover in StrangerVille

"If you see something, do not say anything and drink to forget"

The Sims 4 has built something odd lately, and that weirdness has peaked in StrangerCity, an upcoming game pack centered on a "strange desert city". We are talking about unusual weather, government agents, a secret laboratory and smiling city dwellers who crawl around.

If one has the impression that history is repeating itself, you are not wrong. The Sims 2 had a well named Strangetown. I firmly believe that Weird Sims is the best of the sims, whether it's official stories or challenges created by the players.

"You could get to know locals (and secrets) at the watering point," the developers suggest. "Even going to the library to meet scientists who may or may not know important information.But your Sim can not be in two places at once.You may need to use" material "to collect more information. information.

Like someone who did not spend a lot of time with The Sims in recent years but still thinks about it regularly, StrangerVille looks attractive. In a host of perfectly adequate game packs, this concept stands out. And you just know that people are going to use these new toys out of the left field in all their extent.

The Sims 4: StrangerVille will be available on PC via Origin from February 26, 2019.

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