The singer of the campaign's mother, Justin Carter, highlights his shocking accidental death


The country singer's mother Justin Carter sheds light on her accidental and heartbreaking death.

A news item was announced this week: he was a rising star, 35, who died last weekend after a firearm, used as an accessory in his video clip, was shot by accident.

The video clip was taking place in his apartment and Carter's mother, Cindy McClellan, is open to Fox News about the tragic death of her son.

She said at the exit that the gun was in the singer's pocket and "left and caught my son in the corner of his eye".

"He was a terrific artist," continued McClellan. "He was the voice, he was the total package and we try to keep his legend [alive]. "

According to Carter's mother, her son belonged to the US military "but she still does not know if she meets the requirements for a military burial." The grieving mother has set up a GoFundMe fund to help pay for the planned funeral home in San Antonio.

She also revealed that he was preparing to tour in 10 US states, while he continued to build his singing career and had just signed with Triple Threat Management. He hoped that his musical career would help him "take care of his family".

"He loved music, he was very talented and his voice was spectacular," she said, adding that religion was very important to her son. "He was a wonderful person, very loving and very much loved our God, he had a Bible in his room, in the den, he had one in his truck, he gave to charity."

Mark Atherton, representative of Triple Threat Management, said in a statement to People that "Justin had the potential, in our eyes and in the eyes of many people, to be the next Garth Brooks."

Carter, who had just released his new song "Love Affair" on March 9, leaves two daughters, Dixie and Kaylee.


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