The sister of the former NBA player, Sebastian Telfair, accused of threatening to appear at his trial


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By David K. Li

Former basketball player Sebastian Telfair's sister was arrested on Monday for allegedly threatening a witness in his brother's recent arms trial, authorities said.

FBI agents intercepted Octavia Telfair in Brooklyn, accused by the federal government of uttering telephone threats against a witness in the case of the former NBA player in a court of law. State, officials said.

The witness, who has not been named in a criminal complaint, claims to have been subjected to dozens of threatening phone calls from Octavia Telfair, who will turn 33 on Tuesday. The victim has known Octavia Telfair for more than 15 years, the FBI announced.

The victim has recorded at least two phone calls from Octavia Telfair. The suspect was about to say that the witness was "going to die" or had to live with a "rearranged face," according to the court documents.

Octavia Telfair also threatened the witness's sister and mother, promising him on tapes that she would "kill everyone b ——", said the criminal complaint.

The defendant also stated that she was "on a mission" to attack the witness and his family. "They can die too, dying, children, are dying," the complaint said.

The federal public defender of Octavia Telfair could not be contacted immediately for a comment on Monday.

Sebastian Telfair was sentenced at the end of April for criminal possession of a weapon that could drive him behind bars until 15 years of age. He is now free on bail and his sentence on June 18 is scheduled.

He was the 13th pick in the 2004 NBA draft by the Portland Trailblazers.

He bounced around the league, spending time with the Blazers, Boston Celtics, Minnesota Timberwolves, Los Angeles Clippers, Cleveland Cavaliers, Phoenix Suns, Toronto Raptors, and Oklahoma City Thunder before hitting 2015.

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