The actress and actress Whoopi Goldberg surprised her fellow members of the band "The View" by visiting the set. Goldberg revealed that she was fatally infected with pneumonia in March.

"Saturday Night Live" gave his point of view – finally, view – on the latest altercation this week "The View".

In real life: Joy Behar, co-facilitator, said that financial aid was the best way to prevent the Central Americans from fleeing north: "Keep them there, happy, solvent. Give them a home, feed them, help them, help their children, stop the crime rate (from climbing). "

When co-facilitator Meghan McCain tried to intervene, Behar said, "I listened to you, let me finish," which prompted her colleague to remind her, "Part of your job is to mend my work. ; listen. "

In the "Saturday Night Live" edition, Meghan McCain of Aidy Bryant is called the Princess of Arizona. Kate McKinnon Behar is trying to engage with her, although both are interrupting. "Well, can you let me talk because it's your job to listen to me," says Bryant.

Cecily Strong, Abby Huntsman, could not help but eat popcorn in the middle of the drama. Ana Navarro of Melissa Villaseñor filmed it on her phone.

"We will not do that," says Leslie Jones' Whoopi Goldberg group, who tried to dissolve the situation by spraying with the help of a vaporous bottle. "It's" The View ", we are five best friends and have nothing in common."

Emma Stone then joined the group as former co-host of "The View", Jenny McCarthy, where chaos obviously reigned.

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