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The most famous piece of junk in a distant galaxy will be in your hands at the next Disney Parks expansion Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. The highly anticipated journey Millennium Falcon: The smuggler's race will allow you to do more than just enter the iconic cockpit and watch the stars undress as you head towards the speed of light. You are behind the controls yourself.

The Imagineers behind Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge described the immersive experience of Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run at its Star Wars: Celebration panel in Chicago, which offers customers a "one-of-a-kind" experience.

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The definitive millennial hawk

Since his first appearance on the scene in 1977 Star Wars: A new hope, the Millennium Falcon remained an iconic image of the history of pop culture. But while many versions have appeared on the big screen, in games, comics and toys, we are about to familiarize ourselves with the "definitive" Millennium Falcon at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.

"The one you will see in Battu is the definitive Falcon" Star wars VP and Executive Creative Director Doug Chiang said the Star Wars Celebration Panel. "It's the real deal. It's breathtaking. Just be there and be amazed to stand in front of it, because it's so powerful. "

"Even before the guests board this iconic cockpit, you have the chance to see the Millennium Falcon in all its glory," Creative Director, Walt Disney Imagineering Asa Kalama added. But "it's even better when you enter." Kalama continued:

As soon as we started to develop Star Wars: Galaxy Edge, we knew we had to do something to board the Millennium Falcon. But we knew it was not enough to ride the Millennium Falcon, but we also wanted to give our guests the opportunity to control the Falcon. Basically, guests will be able to embark on this iconic cockpit and take control of the fastest block of junk in the galaxy. It will be different from anything we have offered to our guests before.

Millennium Falcon Walk

The Falcon changes according to your driving

When guests board the Millennium Falcon, they play a different role in the crew of the ship. There is the prestigious role of the pilot, but there is also a role of engineer and gunner. It is up to the pilot that it is most important to keep the ship in perfect condition as its flight can affect the condition of the Falcon. But engineers also play an important role, repairing the ship when it is damaged, while gunners must shoot down attacking TIE fighters. Kalama said:

As a pilot, you have the ability to steer the ship left, right or up and down. It's really up to you to get away from these arrows, for example. If you do not do it, you crash over it, alarms go off, sparks fly and it's up to the engineers in the back of the cockpit to work hard to get things in order. We have TIE fighters going right and left, it's up to the gunners to work with these lasers and blasters to actually defend the ship.

"Everyone has a very important role to play, and it's up to you and your flight crew to determine the fate of the ship," Kalama added.

But the remarkable part of the experience is that once the journey is over, the story continues. Kalama explains how your exit path from the cockpit through the "iconic corridor" will be different depending on your flight. "If you have a clean course, it will be pristine in immaculate condition. If you hit in all there is to hit, the lights will be broken, the sparks will fly, you will hear the comments on the damage you have caused. "

Two different routes were made depending on the flight quality, as shown in the graph below. And more than walking in a damaged corridor, guests who fly poorly will face the wrath of Hondo Onaka, a "phenomenal boss but he is not too nice to people who bring his ship in bad shape".

Galaxy's Edge opens at Disneyland in Anaheim, California May 31, 2019and in Orlando, Florida the August 29, 2019. To learn more about the park, read our full text and listen to this episode of our podcast / Film Daily.

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