The Snapdragon 855 model is obvious to the Exynos version


SAMSUNG OFFICIALLY introduced its Galaxy S10 range, which includes the Galaxy S10, S10 + and S10e.

The top-of-the-line Galaxy S10 and S10 + offer a significant upgrade over their predecessors, with on-screen digital fingerprint sensors, rear-mounted triple camera configurations and support for reverse wireless charging. The Galaxy S10e, for its part, marks the first time that Samsung adds an "affordable" model to its flagship range of Samsung Galaxy S, in the footsteps of Apple's iPhone XR.

Samsung also unveiled the Galaxy S10 5G at its February 20 unboxed event, but it will only be available in June.

We have gathered below all we know about the range of Samsung smartphones on the occasion of the 10th anniversary.

Release date
The Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 + and S10e can be pre-ordered now, with delivery scheduled to begin March 7th.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 + "Ultimate Power Edition", which contains 12GB of RAM and 1TB of storage, will be available later this month.

On the Samsung website, the Galaxy S10 is available with storage capacities of 128GB or 512GB priced at £ 799 and £ 999, while the S10 + is priced at £ 899, £ 1,099 and 1 £ 399 for 128GB, 512GB and 1TB variants. The affordable Galaxy S10e with 128GB storage is available from £ 699 without a SIM card.

EE offers the Galaxy S10 and S10 + which will be available from £ 49 and £ 49 respectively, while the 'budget' S10e will cost you £ 44 a month with an EE package.

On the O2 website, the Galaxy S10 can be purchased from £ 46.20 a month, the S10 + from £ 48.70 a month and the S10e from £ 42.59 a month.

Sky Mobile quickly took pre-orders for Samsung's three new phones. the Galaxy S10 can be recovered from £ 33 per month, the S10 + from £ 36 per month and the S10e from £ 27.

Tesco Mobile, which will begin accepting pre-orders on March 5, has announced that it will offer the Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10e from £ 32.75, £ 39.99 and £ 42.49 per month, respectively; These are all 36-month contracts with 5 GB of monthly data.

Three offers the Samsung Galaxy S10 from £ 29 for £ 41, the S10 + from £ 45 a month and the S10e from £ 37 a month with the same £ 29 start fee.

Vodafone whips the three S10 models; the Galaxy S10 from £ 54 per month and £ 49 in advance, the S10 + from £ 58 per month with the same single fare, and the S10 from £ 99 at a rate of £ 46 per month.

Virgin Mobile, which quickly began taking orders, whistles the Galaxy S10 from £ 34 a month, the S10 + from £ 37 a month and the S10e from a modest £ 29 a month.

Recent news
The first performance tests of the Galaxy S10 + show that, as has been the case in recent years, the models powered by Snapdragon outweigh the performance of their Exynos brothers and sisters.

according to AnandTech, which has its mittens on both the Galaxy S10 + Snapdragon 855 and Exynos 9820 variants, Samsung's home chip shows significant improvements over the Exynos 9810 and Snapdragon 845 from last year, but is far from the last and best of Qualcomm.

In terms of video editing using the PCMark Work 2.0 reference, the Snapdragon variant obtained 6,545 points compared to Exynos with 5,596; it's even worse than the score obtained by Pixel XL, almost three years old.

The gap is even bigger when it comes to photo editing. the Snapdragon 855 model gained 17,492 points, compared to 11,412 for the Exynos model.

02/27/18: Samsung has confirmed to the MWC that its Galaxy S10 range will come with an integrated cryptocurrency portfolio. Nicknamed "Samsung Blockchain KeyStore", this wallet allows users to store bitcoins, Ethereum and a beauty-related cryptocurrency called Cosmo Coin.

S10 phones, like Huawei's Exodus 1, also support decentralized applications, or "dApps". A beauty app called "Cosemee" powered by a chain of blocks, will reward users of Cosmo Coin for leaving behind beauty reviews.

02/20/18: Samsung has officially announced the Galaxy S10, S10 + and S10e, and you can find out more about it here.

02/20/18: Samsung is about to launch its Galaxy S10 lineup later in the day, but that has not prevented future leaks. The latest is courtesy of a Norwegian TV channel, which accidentally aired a 30-second commercial for the arrival of the Galaxy S10 + (below), confirming in turn its main characteristics; an Infinity-O screen, an on-screen fingerprint reader, a triple rear camera and a reverse wireless charging.

02/18/19: We are a few days away from the official launch of the Galaxy S10 +, but thanks to the tipster Evan Blass, we know how much it will cost. Blass unveiled details of the Chinese pricing for Samsung's large-format model over the weekend, revealing that the high-end model with 1TB of storage and 12GB of RAM would cost ¥ 10,000 (about £ 1,150) . It will also be available with 8 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage, which will bring you back to ¥ 9,000 (around £ 1,030).

The Samsung Galaxy S10 plus size appeared in a convenient video just days before its official launch. The one-minute clip (below), which is courtesy of Mobile Fun, displays the Infinity-O display of the handset with a dual front camera and a fingerprint scanner on the screen. It does not give a glimpse of the back of the phone, but the S10 + should feature a three-lens camera configuration on the back.

02/14/19: Samsung has prematurely released its pre-order page for the Galaxy S10 in the US, which confirms that you will be able to purchase one immediately after the announcement next week.

The website is already letting buyers register their interest on the handset and also confirms that the devices will be "shipped on March 8"; this includes the Galaxy S10 + with 12GB of RAM and 1TB of storage, which should be launched later in the month.

Samsung also offers buyers up to 550 dollars on a Galaxy S10 when they negotiate an eligible device. For example, a 9 note will bring you the maximum amount, while a Galaxy S7 will earn you a $ 150 discount.

02/13/19: Hope you have no surprises, the complete specifications of the Galaxy S10 having been unveiled just days from its official unveiling. The mega-escape is a courtesy of GSMArena, who received the information via a source from Samsung's "retail channel", and confirmed that the S10 will feature a 4K selfie-cam camera, a very slow video backup and the Samsung Exynos 9820chipsett.

If legitimate, the specification sheets disclosed also confirm that the SHD, S10 + and S10e screens will be respectively 6.1 inches, 6.3 inches and 5.8 inches QHD +, all of which will adopt a "hole punch" cutout, and 3,400 mAh, 4,100 mAh and 3.100mAh batteries. It also states that the S10 and S10 + will feature on-screen fingerprint scanners, while the S10e will feature a side-mounted sensor.

02/11/19: Samsung's Galaxy S10 + "limited edition", featuring 12GB of RAM and 1TB storage, will be available on March 15, according to a pre-order page hastily published by Samsung Philippines. Other S10 models, including the "affordable" S10e model and a more modest S10 + model, should be available from March 8th.

08/02/19: The Galaxy S10 seems ready to be bundled with wireless headsets called Galaxy Buds, according to a legitimate quality image shared by WinFuture. The photo shows the Apple AirPod look-alikes seated in a satchel resting on the back of a Galaxy S10 +, thus confirming the handset's support for the reverse wireless charge. The leak does not tell us much about buds, but they should cost $ 149 (about £ 130).

06/02/19: A new courtesy leak from Eval Blass (below) exposed the back of the "Pearl White" model Galaxy S10. In addition to confirming the snow-colored option, the leak also highlights the handset's rising rear camera, which seems to pack three lenses coupled with a flash.

05/02/19: The Galaxy S10 could be one of the first devices to support WiFi 6, according to documents filed by the FCC and spotted by Droid-Life. This almost confirms that Samsung's trio of smartphones will use Qualcomm's WiFi-enabled Snapdragon 855 processor and should mean that the S10, S10 +, and S10e models will support faster and more efficient WiFi connectivity. However, you will need a WiFi 6 router to take advantage of it.

04/02/19: Just two weeks before the official launch of the Galaxy S10, a major leak revealed the full specifications and pricing of the range.

The leak, which is courtesy of the Twitter user @ ishanagarwal24 and MySmartPrice, says the S10 range will include Galaxy S10, S10e and S10 +, which can hold 12GB of RAM and 1TB of storage. This configuration will cost you however, with its price pinned at € 1,499.

Depending on the leak, the S10 will be available in configurations of 6GB + 128GB and 8GB + 512GB, priced at € 899 and € 1149 respectively. The S10e, long called S10 Lite, will contain 6GB of RAM, 128GB of storage and a price of € 749, depending on the leak.

The color options of the ranges are also unveiled; the S10e will be available in yellow, black, green and white (the blue version will be launched "later"), the S10 and S10 + in black, green, white and blue. The expensive variant of 12 GB + 1 TB would be offered in the "Ceramic Black" and "Ceramic White" variants.

02/01/19: An official rendering of the Galaxy S10 + left little imagination, thus confirming the elongated cutting of the punch hole and the configuration of the handset's three-lens rear camera. The image (below), via 91Mobiles "Reliable source" also does not show the presence of a fingerprint sensor, but a more concrete proof that the handset will adopt a built-in sensor.

01/31/19: The Korean site will not be ready for the Galaxy S10 5G version L & # 39; investor reports.

One supplier told the company that mass production of the Galaxy S10 began on Jan. 25, but that this only affected 4G models, rather than those running on 5G networks. According to the report, production of the 5G Galaxy S10 variant will begin "later in the first half of 2019".

The report also states that all S10 models will feature a built-in fingerprint sensor – refuting the earlier assumption that the cheaper "S10 Lite" would be endowed with A sensor mounted on the side.

"The three S10 smart phones will host a fingerprint sensor on the screen, allowing users to more conveniently identify themselves than before," the source said.

Elsewhere, the report corroborates earlier rumors that the S10 range includes triple-lens cameras, pre-installed screen protectors, and up to 1 TB storage.

01/29/19: Samsung has long been accused of having copied Apple, but now it seems to be attracting attention on Huawei with plans to equip the Galaxy S10 with reverse wireless charging. Saving an earlier forecast of Evan Blass TechTastic indicates that the four S10 models will offer this feature, dubbed "Powershare", which will allow users to load other gadgets through direct contact with the smartphone.

01/23/19: Italian site Android Tutto revealed the price details for the incoming range of Samsung Galaxy S10. According to the website, the least-performing model – the Galaxy S10E – will cost € 779 (£ 680) and will be offered in a single variant with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage.

The standard S10 will cost € 929 (£ 810) for the 6GB / 128GB model and € 1,117 (£ 1,030) for the 8GB / 512GB variant. And the same storage configurations for the S10 + will cost € 1,049 ( £ 920) and £ 1299 (£ 1135) respectively.

Samsung's most sophisticated S10 model – the S10 Plus, with 12GB of RAM and 1 TB of storage – would cost 1515 € (1400 £).

This corresponds, almost perfectly, to a previous leak of Gizmodo UK, according to which the S10E would cost £ 699, the S10 from £ 799 to £ 990, and the S10 + from £ 899 to £ 1,399.

01/22/19: There are only a few weeks left until the official unveiling of Samsung, but the Galaxy S10 product line has completely fled. The serial number Evan Blass has released an image of the smartphone trio (below), which he says will be officially known as Galaxy S10, S10 + and S10E – the latter is probably a reference to the "Lite" mode of Samsung that has long been talked about.

The official appearance image, which shows the suitcases of the Speck accessory manufacturer, seems to confirm the displays 'Infinity-O'. of the handset, with the S10 and S10E featuring a single hole punch and the S10 Plus, a larger cut and elongated at home its two front cameras.

01/21/19: We have already seen the S10 + powered by Snapdragon appear on Geekbench (below), and the UK-based Samsung Galaxy S10, based in the UK, is making its appearance.

The phone in question uses the Exynos 9820 SoC developed by Samsung, associated with 6 GB of RAM, and the story is similar to the one before. With a score of 4382 compared to a score of 3413, the Snapdragon 855 version surpasses the single-core performance of the iPhone XS line with bionic engine A12, which scores 4797.

In terms of multicore performance, the Galaxy S10 scored 9,570 points behind Kirin's Mate 20 series, driven by Huawei.

01/17/19: We are more than a month away from the Samsung Unpacked event, but the leaky Galaxy S10 + has already been photographed in the wild. The image (below), shared on Reddit, confirms that this S10 model will feature a dual selfie camera, which will be slid into an elongated perforated hole in the upper right corner of the screen.

The spy photo poster, allegedly taken in the bus from / to Samsung's Suwon campus, claims that the pre-production device also features an integrated fingerprint scanner and a lower footprint than Galaxy Note 9, of similar size.

06/01/19: The Galaxy S10 + made a premature appearance on Geekbench before its unveiling on February 20th. According to the list, the handset, which has the model number SM-G975U, will pair a Soap Snapdragon 855 with 6 GB of RAM, which contradicts earlier rumors that the smartphone could be equipped with 10 GB or 12 GB of RAM. Or, it may be that only the base model with the lowest specifications has been subjected to preliminary testing.

The so-called Galaxy S10 Plus achieved a score of 3,413 for a single core, slightly lower than Samsung's Samsung Exynos 9810, and a multi-core score of 10,256 that outperforms Huawei's Kirin 980 processor. However, the handset tested was probably a unit whose tests were not final, so we would not be reading these numbers too much at the moment.

01/15/19: The Galaxy S10 X will be Samsung's first 5G smartphone, according to AND News. In addition to supporting 5G connectivity, the report says the 10th anniversary handset will have a 6.7-inch Super AMOLED display, six cameras, an internal memory of 1 TB and a battery of 5,000 mAh.

"The secret weapon" of the Samsung Galaxy S10 X will be a "life cycle" mode, according to ET News, an artificial intelligence management system to automate various functions.

The Galaxy S10 X would debut in Korea on March 29 and could bring in up to £ 1,299. It is not known if this model will be released in the UK.

01/14/19: The latest leak of the Galaxy S10 is courtesy of, Samsung, who accidentally shared images (below) of the Galaxy S10 in an article about its new unique user interface. Spotted by the Reddit QGtx user, the article – which has since been updated – originally showed a phone with a punch camera in the upper right corner, a feature to debut on the future Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus.

01/10/19: Samsung has disrupted the CES to announce an Unpacked launch event on Feb. 20, during which the Galaxy S10 is expected to be unveiled. The company will avoid the MWC and organize events in London and San Francisco, while remaining attentive to expectations, but promises to show "devices that will" pave the way for new Galaxy experiences based on 10 years of innovation. "

01/09/19: The British mobile operator EE has confirmed that it will soon begin to offer the Galaxy S10, opening pre-registration for the smartphone that is expected to be announced at MWC next month. On its website, the company launches: "Great news! The new Samsung Galaxy is about to change your world.We can not say more for now, but it is safe to say that you can start to excited. "

07/01/19: Samsung has confirmed that its first 5G smartphone will come during the first half of 2019 during its press conference on CES on Monday, no doubt as a nod to the Galaxy S10's 5G variant, which makes it the world's largest smartphone. subject of many rumors. No other details were revealed, but the US company Sprint also confirmed that it would offer a compatible Samsung 5G device later this year.

04/01/19: The Galaxy S10 will follow the Huawei Mate 20 Pro by offering reverse wireless charging support. So, says Blass, a known blogger, who tweeted that Samsung's new flagship product will allow users to "wirelessly charge other compatible devices such as handsets and watches" by placing them on the handset chassis .

Blass also shared an image of the Galaxy S10 (above), and although the blurry image does not show us much, it confirms the front without the handset's bezel with the Infinity-O display.

03/01/19: According to a new video shared by Ice Universe, the Galaxy S10 + Samsung could well support the Note 9.

The video shows a so-called S10 + Note 9 and Oppo Find X sneaking into a case designed for Samsung's new flagship product. Although note 9 is much too big, the S10 + should offer the same 6.4-inch screen surrounded by small frames. The Find X fits perfectly into the case, suggesting that the dimensions of the S10 + will be similar to those of the 6.2in ​​S9 +.

The video does not tell us much else that we did not already know the flagship product of Samsung in 2019, but it seems that the latter confirms that it will retain the 3.5mm headphone jack.

02/01/19: The so-called Galaxy S10 Lite has been shown in high quality rendering, courtesy of the Ice Universe tipster (below).

The leak confirms that the handset, which should be the cheapest in the S10 range, will feature a screen almost without a visor cover, with a small cutout for the front camera, using Samsung's "Infinity-O" display. . The image also shows that the S10 Lite's volume rockers are located on the left edge of the unit and that the USB Type-C port is on the bottom edge, next to the grid. speaker and 3.5mm audio jack.

21/12/18: UK-based mobile fun retailer has started whipping out hulls for Samsung's Galaxy S10 lineup, which would include the S10 Lite, S10 Plus and S10 Edge models, as the company is poised to revive the "Edge" monitor that it does not have. Has not used since the Galaxy S8.

The retailer also claims that all S10 handsets will come with a screen protector installed as standard, and that handsets will be available in a number of colors, including pink, yellow and green.

19/12/18: The Galaxy S10 may have suffered its first leak in the wild after being seen in a South Korean subway. The device was spotted by the user Twitter inss0317 and first reported by WCCFtech, who claims that the image that has leaked (below) shows the S10 with its high and low glasses and on-screen camera located in the upper right corner.

17/12/18: UK retailer MobileFun has prematurely introduced its Galaxy S10 line of accessories, adding weight to rumors that the flagship product could offer a triple-lens camera configuration. Cases (below), made by Olixar, shows that the S10 will look a little like his brother Note 9 with its bulky dimensions and horizontal camera network. However, they also appear to have an additional camera lens, which adds credibility to the recent leaks that indicated a standard / wide / TV camera configuration for the Galaxy S10.

14/12/18: The latest beta version of Android Pie has added weight to rumors that the Galaxy S10 would feature an "ultra-wide" camera. As reported by SamMobile, the beta version includes a rocker switch in the camera settings so that ultra-wide images are recorded without distortion. However, the report says that this lens-correction feature may only concern the A7 (2018) and A9 (2018) models, and Samsung has not commented yet.

12/12/18: Gizmodo, citing a source at a "major technology retailer," revealed plans to launch the Samsung Galaxy S10.

According to the report, three models – the standard S10 model, a Plus model and a cheaper "flat" model – will be launched before the next Mobile World Congress, at the Unpacked event on February 20, according to the report. The phone will be available for pre-order from that date and will be available on March 8th.

Gizmodo also lean how much will cost the device; the so-called "budget" model will offer 12GB of storage and retail for £ 699, the standard S10 will offer 128GB or 512GB storage for £ 799 and £ 999 respectively, and the S10 Plus will offer variants of 128GB, 512GB Go and 1 TB priced at £ 899, £ 1,099 and breathtaking water £ 1,399.

There is not much information on the supposed 5G variant, but Gizmodo notes that 5G services will not be available on the S10 at launch, its source saying that they will not arrive before "the second quarter at earlier".

12/10/18: A so-called prototype of the Galaxy S10 Plus has surfaced, suggesting that it could adopt a wedge. posted by SlashLeaks (below), The image suggests that instead of a Honor View 20-esque cutout, the flagship product could adopt a thick notch in the upper right corner to house what looks like a two-camera configuration .

Evleaks does not agree, however, because it has released this weekend images representing three models of Galaxy S10 with cuts placed in the center.

05/12/18: A huge leak offered by 91Mobiles and OnLeaks gave us a complete overview of the Galaxy S10 Plus. Leaks from the flagship presentation of Samsung's flagship handset display, quad-camera configuration and front camera cutout, which is expected to contain two front-facing cameras, thereby facilitating the company's improved facial recognition technology. 39; company.

91Mobiles also confirms that the S10 Plus features a 6.4-inch curved AMOLED display, an ultrasonic fingerprint reader similar to the OnePlus 6T and a 3.5mm headphone jack next to it from its USB-C port. The handset will measure 157.5 x 75.0 x 7.8 mm, depending on the leak, but will reach 9 mm thanks to its protruding rear camera configuration.

At least one variant of the Samsung Galaxy S10 could contain 12 GB of RAM.

This is according to a report from Hong Kong GF Securities, Which claims that Samsung's flagship product will be the first to offer 12GB of RAM; more than the 10 GB of RAM set to be inserted in the McLaren OnePlus 6T edition.

The same report claims that Samsung will increase its internal storage to 1 TB; the kind of specification that you will usually find on a high end laptop.

GF Securities does not tell us much else that we do not already know, but he notes that the Galaxy S10 will be available in white, black, yellow and green versions, some of which will be Huawei type gradients.

30/11/18: The Galaxy S10 + was spotted on AnTuTu, which embeds the processor Exynos 9820 recently announced by Samsung.

Samsung's next-generation Exynos SoC, introduced this month, is the first to offer a Neural Processing Engine (NPU), which means that AI-centric tasks can be performed on the chip itself. even. The company is also touting the fact that the processor would offer a 20% increase in performance from a single core compared to its predecessor and a 40% improvement in energy efficiency.

At that time, Samsung had not yet announced its Exyos 9820 in the wild, but a new benchmark result from AnTuTu suggests that it will debut at the moment. inside the Galaxy S10.

The reference, shared by Ice Universe (below), is supposed to be for the version of the Galaxy S10 + optimized by Exynos, with 6 GB of RAM, 128 GB of storage. The device recorded a respectable score of 325,076 on the benchmarking platform, exceeding the Huawei P20 Pro's 273,295 score, but not matching the iPhone XS, which outperforms the AnTuTu's ranking. with a score of 352,405.

The Galaxy S10 + is also expected to be launched with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 855 chip in some markets, and this variant could overturn Apple's flagship product. A device running the next-generation flagship SoC was spotted on AnTuTu with a score of 362,292.

23/11/18: The Galaxy S10 could completely eliminate the glasses and will not adopt a notch similar to that of an iPhone, according to a leaky screen protector.

The screen protector was leaked in a video shared by Ice Universe (below), and if legitimate, shows that the glasses on the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be almost nonexistent.

It will not adopt a screen cut like the majority of the new flagship Android products, and despite recent rumors that the S10 would be one of the first to offer a selfie camera "handgun" – adopting Samsung's recently developed 'Infinity O' display technology – there is no record of the camera hole in this last leak.

21/11/18: Samsung is preparing a variant of the Galaxy S10 with 5G support and six cameras, according to the the Wall Street Journal.

The newspaper, citing "people familiar with the subject," says that Samsung is considering launching four variants of the Galaxy S10, including a 6.7in model – named Beyond X – that will support the 5G and pack six cameras; two in the front and four in the back.

Add weight to the rumors of a MWC unveiling, the WSJ note that Samsung will unveil this model in mid-February, but notes that its release will depend on the availability of 5G networks. It's unclear whether the phone model will reach Blighty, though; The report indicates that Samsung is in talks with the AT & T, T-Mobile and South Korean networks.

The other three models of the Galaxy S10 will not be so ridiculously specified, like the WSJ indique qu'ils proposeront des écrans de 5 à 5,4 pouces et entre trois et cinq caméras. Toutefois, les combinés peuvent ajouter une fonction de chargement sans fil inversé qui leur permettrait d’utiliser sans fil des appareils dotés de périphériques similaires, comme le Huawei's Mate 20 Pro.

Le WSJ a également quelques informations sur le smartphone pliable à peine taquiné de Samsung, le "Galaxy F", qui, selon lui, pourrait être lancé sous le nom de "Galaxy Flex".

13/11/18: Le entrant Le Samsung Galaxy S10 comportera à la fois une caméra selfie et un scanner d'empreintes digitales intégré à son écran.

Du moins, c’est ce que dit le célèbre blogueur Evan Blass, qui a tweeté mardi (au dessous de), le Galaxy S10 sera le premier à proposer une caméra selfie «punch hole», qui adopte la technologie d'affichage «Infinity O» de Samsung.

Au lieu de l'encoche controversée, cet écran comportera un petit trou dans le coin supérieur gauche qui abrite la caméra orientée vers l'avant.

Si les dernières prédictions de Blass sont optimistes, le Galaxy S10 sera également le premier produit phare de Samsung à proposer un scanner d'empreintes digitales intégré. Ce sera un capteur à ultrasons, semblable à celui trouvé sur le OnePlus 6T et le Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

Ailleurs, le tweet ajoute du poids aux rumeurs précédentes selon lesquelles le S10 comporterait une configuration à trois caméras à l'arrière et la nouvelle interface utilisateur «One» de Samsung servie au-dessus d'Android Pie.

La gamme Samsung Galaxy S10, qui comprendrait des modèles standard, de taille plus et budgétaire, devrait faire ses débuts au MWC l'année prochaine, avec un modèle 5G à suivre en mars.

27/10/18: Samsung va lancer trois modèles de Galaxy S10 l'année prochaine, selon un rapport à Bloomberg.

Sauvegarde des prévisions antérieures de l'analyste Ming-Chi Kuo, BloombergLes sources nous disent que les Galaxy S10 et S10 Plus seront dotés d'un écran OLED incurvé avec "presque pas de cadre" et d'un capteur d'empreinte digitale intégré. Selon le rapport, il n'y aura pas d'entaille, la caméra avant étant visible et dissimulée sous l'écran.

À l'arrière, les modèles S10 proposeront une configuration à triple caméra rivalisant avec Huawei. Sur le fond, il n'y aura pas de prise casque 3,5 mm.

Samsung envisage également une variante "moins chère" de la S10, selon BloombergLes sources de, qui ne vanteront pas l'écran incurvé "bord" qui a été une caractéristique des téléphones de Samsung depuis le Galaxy Note Edge en 2014. Cependant, il pourrait venir avec un capteur d'empreinte digitale intégré "en fonction des coûts", le sources ajouter.

Et selon les rumeurs récentes en provenance de Corée, le rapport affirme que le Galaxy S10 sera le premier smartphone 5G de Samsung. La firme serait en pourparlers avec Verizon pour lancer une version 5G du Galaxy S10 aux États-Unis, bien qu'il ne soit pas clair que le modèle sera proposé ici à Blighty.

the Bloomberg Le rapport dévoile également les mérites du smartphone pliable de longue rumeur de Samsung, baptisé "Winner". Malgré les rumeurs selon lesquelles le périphérique pourrait être lancé lors de la conférence des développeurs de Samsung le mois prochain, la société serait toujours en train de décider si le périphérique se repliera verticalement ou horizontalement.

L'appareil, qui devrait arriver comme le Galaxy X, ne comportera pas de scanner d'empreintes digitales à l'écran en raison de "difficultés techniques", mais offrira aux utilisateurs un écran supplémentaire de 4 pouces pouvant être utilisé lorsque le téléphone est fermé.

Bien entendu, Samsung n’a pas commenté les rumeurs, mais a déclaré dans une déclaration: "Nous développons en permanence notre portefeuille de smartphones pour offrir à nos clients des innovations et des expériences nouvelles et passionnantes. Pour le moment, nous n'avons rien à partager sur les futurs appareils. Restez à l’écoute. "

12/10/18: Le Galaxy S10 pourrait être le dernier produit phare de Samsung à conserver la prise casque 3,5 mm.

Dit donc ET Nouvelles, qui indique que même si le Galaxy S10 conservera probablement le port, Samsung envisage de retirer la prise casque du Galaxy Note 10 ou du Galaxy S11. Au lieu de cela, la société comptera sur une combinaison du port USC Type-C du téléphone et d'un dongle de casque fourni, selon le rapport.

ET News ne dit pas pourquoi Samsung voudrait se débarrasser de la prise casque mais spécule que, à l'instar des autres fabricants, l'entreprise souhaite simplement économiser de l'espace pour d'autres composants.

3/10/18: Un nouveau rapport a détaillé la configuration de la triple caméra que Samsung installera sur le Galaxy S10.

Selon le rapport, vu par SamMobile, le Galaxy S10 sera doté du même objectif à ouverture variable 12MP f1.5 / 2.4 que le Galaxy S10, ainsi que d’un objectif 16 "super grand angle" f / 1.9 avec un champ de vision de 123 degrés et une ouverture de 13MP f2.4 capteur.

Le rapport note que l'objectif grand angle ne comprendra pas de stabilisation optique de l'image ni de mise au point automatique.

This triple-camera setup looks set to feature on the highest-spec Galaxy S10 model, according to SamMobile. An "affordable" model will feature a single camera lens, while the standard Galaxy S10 will reportedly boast a dual camera setup.

24/8/18: A slip-up by Samsung has hinted that it'll be launching four different versions of the Galaxy S10.

According to XML files hidden inside the firm's Android 9.0 update, spotted XDA-Developers, the four devices are codenamed 'beyond 0', 'beyond 1', 'beyond 2', and 'beyond 2 5G'.

This adds weight to recent rumours that Samsung is planning to launch a 5G variant of the S10. According to online murmurs, this model will pack near-identical specs to the Galaxy S10 Plus (or 'beyond 2') but will feature additional sensors to facilitate 5G comms.

While the leak doesn't tell us much else about the devices, XDA notes that all four handsets will likely launch with next-gen silicon from Samsung or Qualcomm (the Exynos 9820 or Snapdragon 8150), while the 5G model likely will pack either Qualcomm's Snapdragon X50 or Samsung's own Exynos 5100 modem.

17/9/18: The Galaxy S10 could pack a 19:9 aspect ratio display, according to leaked benchmarks.

The HTML5test benchmarking tool published results of an SM-G405F running Android 9.0 Pie. While it's unconfirmed that this model number related to the Galaxy S10, SamMobile reports that the benchmark lists a resolution of 412 x 869 pixels, higher than the 412 x 846-pixel resolution listed for the Galaxy S9, suggesting the mysterious device will join Samsung's flagship S-Series lineup.

While the listing doesn't tell us much else, these figures do suggest that the Galaxy S10 could pack a taller, 19:9 display, as opposed to the 18:5.9 aspect ratio on the Galaxy S9. This is backed up by recent rumours that the flagship will boast noticeably reduced bezels compared to its predecessor.

These leaked benchmarks come hot on the heels of DJ Koh, CEO of Samsung's mobile biz, confirming that design changes to the Galaxy S10 will be "very significant".

Speaking to Chinese media, Koh suggested that the firm's 10th-anniversary smartphone will be more than an incremental update – as the S9 was to the S8 – adding the S10 would be offered in "amazing" new colours.

10/9/18: The Galaxy S10 will reportedly be Samsung's "most expensive" smartphone yet, thanks to its added 5G tech.

So says Korean website The Bell, which reports that Samsung will release a 5G version of the Galaxy S10 that could make the iPhone XS look cheap. The report notes that the model, which will feature the same specs as the S10 Plus, will require "four to five more antennas" than current 4G handsets, before concluding that "price of the series can be the most expensive."

Besides its added 5G modules and high-end price-tag, The Bell reports that the S10 model will feature a 6.44in display and will be – along with the S10 Plus – the first S-series smartphone to arrive equipped with a dual camera on the front and a triple camera on the rear.

The S10 lineup, set to be revealed at next year's CES, could be released "before and after March 5, when domestic mobile operators start 5G service", the report notes.

28/8/18: Samsung will equip all three Galaxy S10 models with an in-display fingerprint sensor, according to a report at The Investor.

While earlier reports had suggested that the 'entry-level' S10 model would miss out on the scanner, it's now being reported that all three models will feature the in-screen tech.

according to The Investor, the two high-end models will reportedly have an ultrasonic display-based fingerprint sensor, while the entry-level model will get an optical fingerprint sensor.

"The two high-end Galaxy S models will come fitted with an ultrasonic in-screen fingerprint scanner while the other one will house an optical fingerprint sensor beneath the screen," an official from the display industry told the website.

The ultrasonic sensor, which likely will be supplied by Qualcomm, will create 3D mapped fingerprint to scan a users' digits, making it more accurate than traditional scanners. It's not affected by grease, sweat or light, according to the report.

The optical sensor, which will be 'three times cheaper' than the ultrasonic alternative, works like a digital camera, capturing a two-dimensional image of a fingerprint. It's not as accurate as the scanner set to debut on the two high-end S10 models, and will struggle to scan fingers if they're dirty, too wet or too dry, or if external lights get in the way.

25/7/18: Samsung is reportedly designing its own GPU that will sport an "entirely new design" and could make its debut in the Galaxy S10.

The news, first broken by Graphic Speak and later corroborated by reliable tipster Ice Universe (au dessous de), claims that Samsung is developing an in-house GPU that delivers "leading performance/watt" in simulations.

The GPU will sport an all-new architecture that could make it work in everything smartphones to supercomputers, according to an analyst briefed on the work.

"This is really a big deal — it's the first new GPU design in 10 years," said Jon Peddie, principal of Jon Peddie Research.

The Samsung GPU could "put it on par with Apple," Peddie added. "This design is so good, they could deploy it in every platform — it's a function of their ambition. If I owned it, it would be in everything including cockpits and supercomputers."

The GPU, developed by Samsung newbie  Dr. Chien-Ping Lu, a graphics veteran who previously worked at Nvidia and MediaTek,  is expected to first appear in a Samsung Exynos smartphone processor – a sign that it could crop up in the firm's 10th anniversary Galaxy S10.

The company has not decided whether it will license the technology, according to the report.

20/7/18: The Samsung Galaxy S10 will have significantly smaller bezels than its S9 predecessor, according to the latest rumours.

While the Galaxy S9 was pretty much a carbon copy of the Galaxy S8 before it, despite rumours that it would boast significantly smaller bezels, it looks like Samsung has been saving these big upgrades for its 10th anniversary Galaxy S release.

According to Twitter tipster Ice Universe, the Galaxy S10's screen to body ratio will be "greatly improved" compared to the S9. There's no word on specifics, but it's likely the Samsung will eliminate the bottom bezel on the device to achieve a screen to body ratio of around 90 per cent.

Currently, the Galaxy S9 has a screen-to-body ratio of around 84 per cent.

In a follow-up tweet, Ice Universe also suggests that the S10 will offer improvements in the battery department, saying: "If you use the more sophisticated packaging technology SLP, then the battery is definitely bigger than the S9, and the Samsung president said that he is working hard to solve the charging speed problem."

18/7/17: Qualcomm has shown off an early prototype of its ultrasonic fingerprint scanner that's expected to debut on the Galaxy S10.

According to Twitter tipster Ice Universe, Samsung will be among the first to work with Qualcomm's in-display fingerprint scanning technology. He quotes Samsung CEO Dj Koh as saying that the S10 won't adopt an optical fingerprinting solution because "optical fingerprinting can cause a bad user experience."

Qualcomm's ultrasonic tech, tested by CNET, "uses sound waves to generate a map of your fingerprint, with the wave of pressure bouncing off the contours of your skin."

The technology, which could spell the end of the physical home button, also offers a number of advantages over optical scanners, the report notes. It can scan a finger if it's wet, has a lag time of just 250 milliseconds, boasts a one per cent rejection rate and is measures in at just 0.15mm, so it won't result in chunky smartphones.

Qualcomm has confirmed that the tech will start showing up in smartphones next spring.

17/7/18: Apple guru Ming-Chi Kuo has turned his attention for Samsung and is predicting that the Galaxy S10 will come in three sizes.

In a report seen by Business Insider, Kuo says he expects the Galaxy S10 to be made available in 5.8in, 6.1in and 6.4in models – almost identical to the sizes that Kuo expects Apple's 2018 iPhones to come in.

Adding weight to recent rumours, Kuo expects the larger two S10 models to include in-display fingerprint sensors, and the smaller model to include a fingerprint sensor on the side.

Kuo adds that Samsung will "aggressively" promote the on-screen fingerprint scanning – likely because it's a feature Apple's not planning to include on its incoming iPhones.

Kuo predicts Samsung could ship 40 million Galaxy S10 phones next year, mostly the two larger models – no doubt the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus. Samsung could also ship 14 million to 16 million Galaxy Note 10 phones next year, according to the report.

10/7/18: Samsung's Galaxy S10 Plus will arrive kitted out with five (five!) cameras, The Bell reports.

Samsung is reportedly planning three Galaxy S10 models for 2019, with earlier rumours claiming the highest-spec Galaxy S10 Plus will include a P20 Pro-rivalling triple-lens rear camera setup, much like Apple's incoming iPhone X Plus.

Korean website The Bell is now reporting that the S9 Plus successor will also feature a dual-camera setup on its front, likely to enable face-scanning tech similar to Apple's Face ID. Earlier rumours claimed Samsung's easily-fooled iris scanner will be replaced by a 3D-sensing camera on next year's S10 lineup.

The report also has some more information on the S10 Plus' rumoured triple-lens setup, which will allegedly comprise a wide-angle lens, a telephoto lens, and a new 16MP, 120-degree ultra wide-angle lens.

The standard Galaxy S10 (codenamed 'Beyond 1') and entry-level ('Beyond 0') models aren't expected to offer such high-end camera credentials, though. The S10 will offer the same tri-camera setup on the back but only one on the front, according to the report, while  'Beyond 0' will reportedly come with a standard two cameras – one on the front and one on the back.

9/7/18: Samsung is planning a 'budget' version of Galaxy S10 that won't feature an in-display fingerprint scanner, according to The Bell.

Adding weight to earlier rumours (au dessous de), the Korean website reports that Samsung is developing three variants of the Galaxy S10, codenamed 'Beyond 0', 'Beyond 1' and 'Beyond 2'.

The Bell states that while the latter two will be high-end devices that will feature screen-embedded fingerprint sensors, Beyond 0 will the first "entry-level" device in Samsung's S series lineup.

This model won't feature an in-display fingerprint scanner, according to the report, and will instead feature a side-mounted sensor similar to that seen on Moto Z3 Play and past Sony devices. If legit, this will be the first time that Samsung adopts such positioning for a fingerprint sensor, with The Bell noting that it's likely to be located along on the right edge of the user's thumb.

The decision to exclude an in-display fingerprint sensor on the Beyond 0 variant has been reportedly made, unsurprisingly, to cut costs.

The Fingerprint on Display (FOD) tech on the S10 series, set to be supplied by chipmaker Qualcomm, costs $15 per module, according to the report – seven times more expensive than the $2 module currently found on Samsung's flagship phones.

26/6/18: Samsung might be planning to release three new Galaxy S10 devices next year, according to Korean website ET News.

The report, which cites "multiple industry officials participating in the development of the next Galaxy S series", claims that Samsung is planning to follow in the footsteps of Apple, which will also allegedly launch three new devices later this year.

The first device, codenamed 'Beyond 0', will reportedly feature a 5.8in screen and a single-lens camera setup, much like the current Galaxy S9. This will be joined by the ‘Beyond 1', which will also feature a 5.8in screen but will sport an upgraded dual camera setup.

The 'Beyond 2', ET News claims, will pack a larger 6.2in screen,  and likely will arrive as the Galaxy S10 Plus. It'll also sport a triple-lens camera similar to that seen on the Huawei P20 Pro if the report is to be believed.

ET News doesn't have much else to say about the trio of incoming S10 models, but notes that Samsung is not yet ready to launch its first foldable smartphone – the Galaxy X – and is "rushing to develop it". According to recent rumours, it'll arrive at next year's MWC, with the S10 set to launch a month earlier at CES.

25/6/18: Samsung's Galaxy S10 will reportedly ditch the iris scanner in favour of an Apple-style 'Face ID' sensor.

So says a report from South Korean website The Bell, which has heard from unnamed sources that the Galaxy S10 will adopt a 3D-sensing camera on its front that will replace the current, easily-fooled iris scanner.

This won't be the only form of authentication on the device, as the report claims Samsung will also equip the S10 with an in-display fingerprint sensor. This, The Bell claims, is being developed by Qualcomm, Synaptics and the Taiwanese Institute of Technology, although the report notes that Samsung might "revise its strategy" should the tech not be ready in time for the smartphone's rumoured January launch.

The report doesn't give much else away, but does note that – like the firm's previous releases – there will be two variants: the 58in Galaxy S10 and 6.3in Galaxy S10 Plus.

21/6/18: An alleged prototype of the Samsung Galaxy S10 shows that the flagship could adopt an iPhone X-schooling all-screen design.

An image of the prototype was posted to Twitter by notorious tipster Ice Universe (au dessous de). While he doesn't specifically mention the Galaxy S10, his use of the word 'beyond' – believed to be the codename for Samsung's upcoming flagship – all but gives it away.

The hands-on picture shows that, if legit, the Galaxy S10 could adopt a full-screen design similar to that seen on the Oppo Find X – which would give it a 93 per cent-ish screen-to-body ratio, up from the 83.6 per cent ratio found on the Galaxy S8 and S9.

Like the Oppo Find X, there's no sign of a front-facing camera – or indeed any sensors – on the front of the device, suggesting that Samsung could be next in line to adopt a pop-up front-facing camera rather than an iPhone X-style notch. Earlier this month, we heard that Samsung might avoid adopting an display cutout by equipping the S10 with futuristic, sound-emitting display tech.

Before you get your hopes up, though we find it hard to believe that the so-called ‘prototype' shows gives a legitimate picture of the Samsung's 2018 flagship given that the launch of the flagship is at least six months away.

According to recent rumours (au dessous de), the Galaxy S10 is likely to make its first official appearance at next year's CES in Las Vegas.

14/6/18: Samsung will avoid sticking a notch on next year's Galaxy S10 by adopting to futuristic, sound-emitting display tech, says ETNews.

The Korean publication report that Samsung, along with LG, is gearing up to debut 'sound-emitting displays' on its smartphones starting next year, having previously shown off prototypes of the technology at the SID expo last month.

This display tech will allow sound through to be emitted through a phone's screen, removing the need for a front-facing earpiece and, in turn, an iPhone X-style display cutout. This means that Samsung, if it was to adopt a pop-up selfie camera like the recently-announced Vivo Nex, could push the screen on the S10 all the way to the top edge of the device.

16/5/18: Samsung is reportedly planning to equip next year's Galaxy S10 with a ridiculously-sharp display that'll blow the iPhone X out of the water.

According to Twitter tipster Ice Universe, the Galaxy S10's screen resolution is going to exceed 600ppi – trumping the iPhone X's 458ppi and the Galaxy S9's 570ppi screen.

It remains to be seen the display will match the eye-popping brightness of the Sony Xperia XZ Premium, though, which packs a 5.8in 3840×2160 4K screen with a pixel density of 760ppi.

As well as a souped-up screen resolution, the Galaxy S10 is also expected to feature a screen to body ratio of 93 per cent – improving on the Galaxy S9's 83.6 per cent ratio.

Further, it's looking, it's looking increasingly likely that the Galaxy S10 will the first Samsung's phone to feature an in-screen fingerprint reader after Ice Universe tweeted that the ultrasonic tech won't make it to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

"It is almost certain that Note9 has no FOD [Fingerprint-reader On Display]", read the tweet.

4/5/18: Rumours claim Samsung will launch its Galaxy S10 flagship in January 2018, with plans to launch its long-awaited foldable smartphone at MWC in February.

Korean newspaper The Bell, naturally, reports that the Samsung Galaxy S10 is likely to see an official unveiling at CES in January, with the "procurement of parts" to begin in October.

While this isn't the first time we've heard that Samsung might launch its next flagship smartphone ahead of schedule, this rumour has a bit more meat. The Bell claims that the S10's launch has been pushed forward to make room for its long-rumoured foldable 'Galaxy X' smartphone.

Samsung has reportedly asked suppliers to start supplying component for the smartphone this November, with plans to unveil the handset at MWC.

The so-called Galaxy X will feature a"fold-in structure", The Bell notes, comprising three 3.5in OLED panels. The front of the product will reportedly be equipped with two 3.5in panels to create a 7in screen, with an additional 3.5in display on the rear.

3/5/18: Samsung's Galaxy S10 is codenamed "Beyond" and will be the first to feature a screen-embedded fingerprint sensor, according to Korean news outlet The Bell.

Citing the "parts industry" as its source, the website claims that Samsung's 'Beyond' codename is fitting for the firm's 10th-anniversary flagship, with the firm aiming to "go beyond" what it has already achieved in the smartphone market.

To do that, the Galaxy S10 will be the first Samsung smartphone to be kitted out with Fingerprint on Display (FOD) tech, according to the report, which notes that the firm has attempted to introduce the feature since the Galaxy S8 but failed due to "technical difficulties".

Samsung will manage to embed a fingerprint sensor into the Galaxy S10's AMOLED screen, The Bell claims, although it's unclear who will be providing the firm with the futuristic tech.

It is not currently known if the Galaxy S10 will also feature iPhone X-a-like 3D sensing technology on the front.

"Unlike FOD, partners in the 3D sensing module are not detecting mass-production movements," one electronics industry official said.

18/4/18: The Galaxy S9 may be just weeks-old, but Samsung has reportedly finalised the design of next year's Galaxy S10.

So says Korean website The Bell, which claims that Samsung's 10th-anniversary Galaxy S series phones will arrive early next year equipped with an in-display fingerprint scanner and a 3D sensing camera, similar to that found on the iPhone X.

The handset's under-screen fingerprint sensor, the report claims, is currently being developed by Qualcomm and Synaptics in the US, and Aegis Tech in Taiwan. The Galaxy S10 and S10+ will likely be the first Samsung smartphones to come equipped with the tech, with recent reports noting that, despite earlier rumours, the Galaxy Note 9 is unlikely to carry the feature.

The Galaxy S10's rumoured 3D-sensing module is being developed by camera firms Mantis Vision and Woodgate, The Bell notes. Further details about this feature remain vague, but it likely will offer iPhone X-style face-unlock functionality, improving on Samsung's current, and somewhat lacklustre iris-scanning solution.

Elsewhere, the Korean report debunks speculation that the Galaxy S10 will feature the foldable AMOLED screen that we've heard so much about, and instead claims that Samsung will stick to same curved Infinity displays found on this year's S9 and S9+.

The screens are allegedly getting bigger, though, with the S10 and S10 Plus tipped to feature 5.8in and 6.3in panels, respectively, 0.03in and 0.08in larger than their predecessors.

That's all The Bell has to give, but an earlier report claimed that – somewhat unsurprisingly – the Galaxy S10 and S10+ will be powered by Samsung's as-yet-unannounced Exynos 9820 SoC, that's expected to debut inside the Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung's Exynos variants are typically released in Europe, with Qualcomm's next-gen Snapdragon 855 processor set to power its US-bound version.

Samsung, naturally, hasn't commented on the rumours. µ

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