The space makes your herpes burst, apparently – BGR


Going up into space at the top of a rocket is something that very few people have the opportunity to do. It's a dangerous journey, but we will not be able to understand the benefit we have. It also seems that your herpes bursts.

In one of the most bizarre but nevertheless interesting reports published by NASA this year, researchers have revealed that more than half of the astronauts who have spent time in space are undergoing outbreaks. herpes more or less serious.

The research, published in Frontiers in Microbiology, used biological samples collected from astronauts before their space missions, and again after their return to Earth. With regard to the reactivation of herpes viruses in astronauts who have had a form in the past, researchers have some ideas.

"During spaceflight, the secretion of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline, which are known to suppress the immune system, is increasing," said Dr. Satish K. Mehta, principal author, at NASA. "As a result, we find that the immune cells of astronauts, especially those that normally suppress and kill viruses, become less effective during spaceflights and sometimes up to 60 days later."

Many factors come into play here, and researchers suggest that dramatic lifestyle changes during space missions – day / night deformed cycles, social isolation, and so on. – increase the stress level of astronauts and suppress the immune response. This, in turn, opens a window for the reactivation of the virus.

Of the dozens of astronauts discovered to be infected with the herpes virus during their space travels, only six of them have actually exhibited symptoms. Viral reactivation occurred in others, but did not provoke the symptoms reported by astronauts.

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