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The spin-off show Walking Dead presents its first three main actors

The next spin-off of AMC, The Walking Dead, has chosen its first three actors. Alexa Mansour (The Dark Web), Nicolas Cantu (The Incredible World of Gumball) and Hal Cumpston (Australian comedy Bilched) will star, according to Deadline.

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The new spin-off of Walking Dead is expected to be created in 2020.

This is the third property of AMC located in the Walking Dead

the universe announced by the company last April. According to AMC. the series will focus on two young female protagonists and "will focus on the first generation to arrive at adulthood in the apocalypse as we know it. Some will become heroes. Some will become bad guys. In the end, they will all be changed forever. Growing up and cemented in their identities, good and bad. "Mansour is best known for his short but punctuated role in Dark Web, in the role of Erica, victim of the Dark Net hacker collective who stalks the film actors. She has also just finished a guest role as CBS Secretary. Cantu gives the floor to Gumball Watterson on the show The Amazing World of Gumball. Cumpston goes around the lesser known trio, since it only appeared in Bilched, an Australian comedy about the passage to adulthood.

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The new series will include 10 episodes and will be shot in Virginia. Walking Dead writer Matt Negrete will act as a showrunner and co-created the show alongside Scott Gimple, head of content for the Walking Dead universe.

The new spin-off joins the original Walking Dead show, which begins its 10th season in October. The original comic book series on which the franchise is based recently came to an abrupt end, taking the fans by surprise.Joseph Knoop is a screenwriter / producer for IGN. Shamble aimlessly with him on Twitter.

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