The latest LG V series phones have been pretty similar, but it looks like the next V50 will have something special in its sleeve: the 5G. A leaked photo of Evan Blass's Sprint V50 reveals that the phone will have 5G capabilities, and considering the giant yellow logo on the back, this does not bother him.

For the most part, the V50 looks pretty much the same as the V40. Of course, Sprint ensures that everyone knows that the phone is 5G compatible between the status bar, the unsightly yellow logo located on the back and the very high-end wallpaper. Apart from the 5G mark, the only immediately noticeable change concerns the three rear cameras, which no longer rely on a raised glass module. Instead, they seem to be flush with the back of the phone, which is an interesting design choice.

The V50 ThinQ should be launched on February 24th. If our assumption that it will be the first LG 5G phone is correct, the V50 will feature a Snapdragon 855, a 4000 mAh battery and a large room steam for cooling.