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The standard switch of Nintendo receives an update too, apparently

In recent months, many reports have indicated that Nintendo is working on new versions of its Switch console, including a handheld model that would prove to be the brand new Switch Lite announced. This is not everything; it seems that the standard switch will also get a more discreet update that will see the replacement of some of its internal components, although the exact impact of this change remains to be demonstrated.

As stated by The Verge, Nintendo has filed a Class II Amendment Application with the Federal Communications Commission to make changes to the existing switch. According to the ranking, the company exchanges the system on chip, the type of NAND memory and the CPU card of the console. The ranking does not go into more detail than this, so it's not clear if these changes will have a noticeable impact on system performance. The model number does not change, which may indicate the level of change observed here. That said, these types of under-the-hood updates are not uncommon for gaming system manufacturers.

As mentioned earlier, Nintendo has announced a smaller and more affordable version of the Switch, called Switch Lite. The system, scheduled for launch in September, is optimized for handhelds, meaning it does not have detachable Joy-Con controllers and can not be connected and played back on a TV. It also lacks a crutch, a rumor HD and an infrared sensor, but it still supports Amiibo figures and has a battery life estimated at 20-30% higher than that of the base model. Another advantage it has over the standard switch is a suitable D-pad.

The Switch Lite will be launched worldwide on September 20, the same day that the legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening remake arrives. The system will be available in three colors at launch – yellow, turquoise and gray – and a special edition Pokemon edition will follow in November before Pokemon Sword and Shield. In the US, the Switch Lite will be priced at $ 200.

It has also been reported that Nintendo was working on a more powerful switch iteration; However, the company said there would be no new switch hardware this year than the Lite. To learn more about the system, check out our summary of everything we know about Switch Lite. We also answer the most common console questions in our Switch Lite FAQ. Also be sure to check our Switch Lite pre-order guide.

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