The storm should bring snow early Monday morning


There is little doubt that the snow will arrive early Monday morning and that the amount of snow accumulated will be such that many regions will have to send the plows.

It's not a major snowstorm, but we'll have enough snow to look pretty wintery for the day tomorrow. There will likely be snow in the air from around midnight tonight until late Monday afternoon, but most of the build-up will occur before 8 am tomorrow.

In general, I expect 1 to 3 inches over most of the area, but 2 to 5 inches are probably south of Boston. It is not excluded that some points reach nearly 6 inches.

The winter storm watches are posted south of Boston.

Dave Epstein / NOAA Data

The winter storm watches are posted south of Boston.

The temperatures will be cold enough so that we should not have to deal with freezing rain or sleet – certainly different from the last storms. The snow will be wetter on the south coast and the southern part of Cape Cod.

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The reason for the snow is a weak low pressure zone passing south of New England on Monday morning, an elongated low pressure zone returning to the west, which will keep the snow in the air tomorrow during of the day.

Dave Epstein / NOAA Data

Temperatures will only be in the twenties above mid-thirties. While the storm is unleashed, we hope the sky will clear Monday night, which will prepare us for a cold and wintry day on Tuesday. The dry weather will last until Wednesday, before the next storm hits southern New England.

The next storm is expected to be a little sweeter than tomorrow's, with snow becoming a mix of mixed precipitation late Wednesday night and early Thursday morning. I expect that there is some build-up before the switchover, but nothing too important.

Tides rise astronomically this week and minor coastal floods could occur on Wednesday or Thursday. The scheme is active with perhaps another storm of rain or snow next weekend. We will have to assess flood risk as March approaches, as this is another problem looming in the future.

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