The success of TVF ? | Viral Fever | Unknown facts | Qtiyapa starts !! | Arunabh kumar


The success of TVF | Viral Fever | Unknown facts | Qtiyapa starts !! | Arunabh kumar success story |

The Viral Fever (TVF) is an online channel created in 2010 by TVF Media Labs. According to founder Arunabh Kumar, the launch of TVF aimed to educate young people who rarely watch television for entertainment.

The Viral Fever was one of the first arrivals on the digital entertainment scene in India with videos covering a wide range of topics on Indian politics, cinema, lifestyle and emerging social concepts. The Viral Fever has been the pioneer of web-series in India with cult hits like Permanent Roommates & Pitchers. As of August 2018, TVF had over 4.2 million subscribers on YouTube. Besides YouTube, the company manages the application and the TVFPlay website to host their videos. TVF conceptualized the idea of ​​promoting films by creating and distributing original digital content.
We all love their videos.
Some of the most famous videos are ..
TVF Pitchers
Permanent roommates
Ye meri family
Prime Time with Rabish
TVF & # 39; s Making of
TVF Qtiyapa
Student Qtiyapa
TSP Rabish Ki Report
TVF Tripling
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