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The Switch adds another comic reader to Izneo

Like Inky Pen, Izneo is a niche service – no DC and Marvel here – that also charges $ 8 per month for its subscription, giving you unlimited access to 1,500 comics covering Dark Horse and IDW titles for European publishers. And all comics not included in the premium plan that you can buy individually.

Those who already own the Izneo app for iOS or Android will see their collection synced across multiple devices. This will keep you reading on your switch what you started on your smartphone. In addition, you can download comics to navigate offline and dock the console to play on your TV. Alas, the absence of touch controls means that you will have to use the Joy-Cons to navigate the application.

Between Inky Pen and Izneo, Switch owners now have a lot of indies in their grasp. (And, at this rate, maybe Comixology will give in and bring in the traditional rate, too.) Although it's always crazy that the console has two niche comic apps and no Netflix.

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