The throwing fights continue and the big hits escape the attack 5 – Dodgers Digest

After their four-game Cardinals game, the Dodgers returned home for a three-game rematch of the 2018 NLCS against the Brewers. Unfortunately, the sled continued tonight as the Dodgers' throws again lost in 8-5.

The Dodgers' offensive has actually continued to rebound after a series of three difficult games, scoring five runs on nine hits and three walks against only four strikeouts.

All these races came on circuits.

Corey Seager kicked off the first round with a solo shot on the opposite pitch.

Cody Bellinger canceled his 8th dong of the year, a throw of two points in the 3rd to give the Dodgers ahead.

Joc Pederson then crushed a two-point shot on 4th to give the Dodgers the lead again.

This apparently included the look turned to Robert Van Scoyoc.

Nevertheless, they could certainly have done more damage. They failed to score with runners in second and third places, with a first-place withdrawal, a second-place runner and two outs at 2nd, and the runners at the corners with a fifth-in-a-row.

Nevertheless, normally, five points should be enough to win a victory. However, Julio Urias struggled with his command for his second consecutive start.

Although he pulled out four and made only one goal in five, but the place was closed all night, as evidenced by six points (five earned) on six hits and the two circuits he has allocated. These circuits were particularly difficult because they both made the lead immediately after the Dodgers secured them.

For some reason, the Dodgers decided to go with Joe Kelly in a one-run match with another multi-run appearance. After a scoreless 6th place, in which he only granted a single, he conceded a single and a double for a 7th round before being eliminated with a draw. His EER is now 12.27.

Scott Alexander lifted him up and allowed a single on the ground, but got out of trouble with a double play. Dylan Floro took over in 8th place and also dropped a singles but provided a scoreless and goal-free round.

Kenley Jansen then went to look for work, but he dropped a goal, a stick and a stolen goal, before giving his first run of the season on a sacrificial fly. Kenley also gave up a walk after that, although he pulled out two. He was … unhappy.

Surprisingly, the Dodgers managed a rally against Josh Hader in 8th place. The riders ended up in corners with one out and goals loaded with two outings, but Max Muncy and Justin Turner pulled out in those situations, respectively.

After Hader retired, Cody Bellinger, on the 9th, he was withdrawn because of his 38 shots. At least he will be away tomorrow. It did not matter for this game with a three-point lead, and Alex Wilson closed it without a hitch.

The Dodgers are now 8-7 over the year and will play tomorrow's conceding match against Zach Davies at 3:10 pm EST / 6:10 pm PST / 9:10 pm EST. Less than ideal.

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