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The Tiger Woods score: the end of the 4th round is favorable to the Open 2019 open in the United States

PEBBLE BEACH, Calif., – To dress up as a 43-year-old father, he has not helped the Tiger Woods final in the Father's Day final at the US Open from 2019 to Pebble Beach. Filled with long sleeves under a dummy shirt under a V-neck vest, Woods shot 69 to end a rather disappointing week.

Just like the majority of his first return to Pebble Beach in seven years, Woods was just not as sharp as it needed to be. Everything was just a little … off. Let's dive into Woods' final round in detail before looking at where he's going after a mediocre performance in the third Maj of 2019.

Before new (2 of 37): It could have been worse, much worse. Woods started with four bogeys in his first six holes before finally hitting some good approaches on the 7th and 3rd of the normal 3. These two shots led to simple birdies and a nine before that seemed to drift to 40 was saved from total disaster. Woods closed with a four on 9 to prevent his team from sliding down the rankings.

Back new (under 32 years old): It's there that things have turned for Woods. Four birdies in the last six holes of the championship put him in a much better position in the standings and seal what would be his best 18-hole score of the week and his best final at the US Open (69) over the course of 10 last years. . Just like the first three days, the late wave of birds sparked enthusiasm, but it also allowed one to think about what might have been if not mistakes made earlier in the round.

Shot of the day: In desperate need of juice, Woods drained that 42-foot shot at age 13 to kick off the race for points.

And after: Tiger will probably not be eliminated before the Open Championship in four weeks. This will mark the end of his major championship season, the most successful of his decade. Still, there is always a concern for the body and will probably always go ahead. Woods was sometimes stiff during the event and wore KT tape around his neck.

"When it's cold like that, everything is painful, it's just part of the deal," said Woods. "… The forces have to go somewhere, and if they are not in the lower back, they are in the neck, and if not, they are in the middle of the back and if not, they go up to the knee. Let me put it this way: I feel every shot I hit, I think it will always be the place from now on. "

This is not the main reason for his struggles of the week, but it was certainly not anything either. It's cold and wet all week, the kind of weather that gets into your bones and you can not get it out. Tiger has been the best of all time to get rid of all sorts of peripheral distractions, including weather and aches, but this week at Pebble Beach has been another long list of reminders that he will not be able to do forever.

Wherever he was the most immortal that he had ever returned in 2000, Tiger looked vulnerable, grew old and weakened sometimes in 2019. That's what You have 19 years and 4 back surgeries. Just like the rocks of the Pacific Ocean at the edge of the 18th fairway, worn over time by the breaking of a billion waves, Woods is no longer quite what it is. was. And in this game, the gulf between "not quite" and "thoroughly" can be 10 or 20 shots wide as was the case this week between Woods and the leaders.

So, we can still get Tiger Woods in the running for the big leagues. We simply will not have the version of this man who has already taken our breath away in this beautiful place. Just as the evolution of an ocean and the country of which it changes the form, this edition of Tiger is perhaps less solid, but it is also much more interesting.

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