US Customs and Border Protection officers seized counterfeit Nike shoes worth $ 1.7 million at the New York / Newark port. Justin Kircher from Veuer has more.

You can turn your foot into lead into bread.

Saucony now sells sneakers inspired by the millennials' favorite food.

The Toast Shadow 6000 Avocado for men is made of brown leather and what the company calls "textured suede with crushed avocado". It has red pepper flakes on the lining of the collar and a "Saucamole" scream on the heel.

Sneakers cost $ 130, about 10 times the cost of the fashionable menu.

Sneakerheads and gourmets swallow the new tennis shoe. Starting at 3:30 pm and Wednesday, 11 of the 17 sizes are no longer available on the company's website. The shoe is also on sale in some of the country's sports shoe shops.

Saucony sells a basketball inspired toast to the lawyer. (Photo: Saucony)

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"Celebrate your health," says the company's website. "That's all you want, even if the guac is extra."

According to Saucony spokesman Jason Faustino, only 1,200 pairs were manufactured. Another pair of sneakers related to the diet will be available in August.

No word from the brand as to the impact of his toast sneakers to the lawyer on home shopping millennials.

This is not the first time Saucony has turned to a menu inspired by the shoe. They suggested Americans run on Dunkin's – literally – when, in March 2018, just before the Boston Marathon, they teamed up with Dunkin's # 39; Donuts to create a donut themed shoe, decorated with nuggets, coffee and donuts and DD logo.

Saucony is not the only sports shoe company to make shoes for food. Nike has developed solutions based on desserts, chicken and waffles, Starbucks, breakfast cereals and Krispy Kreme. Converse had a basketball with a Coca-Cola theme. And Vans adorned his shoes with images of everything from tacos and pizzas to cupcakes and burgers.

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And at least one tennis shoe appeared in the opposite way – a brand of food going towards basketball. In March 2018, Pizza Hut unveiled its Pie Tops II with Bluetooth technology, which allows the wearer to order pizza by pressing a button on the shoe.

Like the limited offers used by fast food companies to create interest for their brands, the Saucony Shadow 6000 Avocado Toast is the latest line of stunt sports shoes from the industry. the shoe.

"This is not important commercially, but it attracts them a ton of attention," said Matt Powell, senior adviser to the research sector at NPD Group for Sports. "It's all about advertising, marketing and fun."

Retail sales of sneakers in the United States were estimated at $ 21.2 billion in 2018, according to NPD. That's $ 19.6 billion in 2017.

"The enjoyable experience of having toast to the lawyer during Sunday brunch also allows you to bring the feeling into your shoes," Powell said. "Having something to wear on your feet, on your body, to eat your favorite indulgent food are things of well-being that help us to live what we are experiencing right now.

Saucony is owned by Rockford, Michigan-based Wolverine Worldwide, whose other brands include Keds, Hush Puppies, Sperry and Stride Rite.


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