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Tennessee Basketball … What a wonderful blessing you are for us !! Thanks thanks thanks… Thank you Flight Fan !!! Three days in a row, I attended three evenings of listeners and I met hundreds of people this weekend. I love everyone from you. For me, the world you choose to spend your precious time in Tennessee with me …

My favorite hoop season ever …. Because this team is great … And also because you have invigorated me at our listening nights.

Let's continue that !!!! NCAA Tournament Watch Night Tennessee Vs Colgate Friday at corner 16 2:45 pm start time We will be there from 11a so come enjoy the day with us!

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The game of Kentucky will never be forgotten: This living fan has NEVER seen anything like this Saturday match. High-level basketball was on display. What an incredible victory for our children. What an incredible scene in Nashville. I literally levitated at corner 16. We were in a stupefied euphoria. Nobody could believe it. Incredible stuff.

Next on the mic is Orange Throat ….

Orange throat

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& # 39; Basillville:

Random thoughts and short shots as we ponder three bittersweet days in Nashville and plan a trip to Columbus, Ohio:

FLIGHT FLIGHT OF EUPHORIA need their kevlar cups in less than 24 hours. The win in Kentucky was the Tennessee SEC tournament's best win against rival Wildcats since the championship game in 1979. For those of you who are scoring goals at home, it's been 40 years. The third consecutive loss against Auburn on Sunday was a crotch kick, especially considering the fact that Flying fans took over The Stone and were ready to celebrate a championship. The flights were brilliant Saturday and seemed worse than Karl Ravech's hairpiece Sunday. It's the cruelty of tournament hoops.

"BRUCE" GREAT GAME "PEARL'S Rick Barnes' on a score of 30-10. Barnes is blocked by his last two recruiting classes, with his team having no promising young players adding an offensive spark at the end of the season. Yves Pons and Derrick Walker play minor roles in the 2017 promotion and we were surprised to find that Zach Kent was not directed elsewhere to add another guard or new guardian in the 2018 promotion, which has only DJ burns. Burns is in a red shirt. To express it in figures, Tennessee got 102 points out of 2,781, scored this season by its last two categories.

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TONY HAD A GREAT CALLER on the Garza Basketball OT Show yesterday. How can we call this the best UT basketball team of all time when she could win neither SEC championships nor SEC tournaments? Mark Griffin's answer was easy. "Go to the Final Four."

THE MINNEAPOLIS ROAD begins with a trip to Columbus, OH, for our second seed volunteers. They start with Colgate, number 15, on Friday, and then face the Iowa winner against Cincinnati. Playing UC Bearcats a hundred kilometers from their campus would seem like a difficult curve for the NCAA Committee to launch the second position, but that's why we keep our goblets. Of course, Jerry Palm does not think the committee pays particular attention to geography or television games.

AMATEURISH PRO DAY at UT last week. Longtime UT football watchers said it was an embarrassing lack of talent for professional scouts, thanks to unscrupulous Butch Jones recruitment. Jonathan Kongbo could be hopeful he had not been injured in the knee last season. Shy Tuttle seemed stronger and in better shape, but his injury history is difficult. Micah Abernathy has shown speed and could feel free as a free agent.

BASEBALL FLIGHTS I had a shock with the reality of the SEC sweeping Auburn this weekend, making it essential to win a home series with South Carolina next weekend. The softball team Lady Vol had a good weekend not terrible, beating BYU twice but separating from Texas.

Orange throat
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Hoarse… Little does it matter if we played at UC on Xavier's campus … Tennessee will NEVER have a more favorable draw to qualify for the Final Four. The entire southern region is navigable. If Tennessee had to face every team in the area, I think they would beat them in a regular season game. The problem is that we are in the second season. Refalytics Judd said last night that the post-season was a different game, a different season and that he was in on it. I can not wait to see how Tennessee will react to the new season.

I will choose to ignore our opening weekend of Baseball Flights and our professional day is the loss of Auburn yesterday at the depressing level.

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The 8 teams of Basilio who can win it: duke A C Tennessee zags Tex Tech Michigan Mich State Kentucky

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Did you know that…. Colgate …. Friday's opponent of UT … Since February 1st, the country's three-point shooting team. We have to watch the ball screens off the bat. They do not create three like Auburn with the disc and flat game, but do it with screens.

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TGMD … The Great Matt Dixon to you is the next to break it down scientifically.

Matt Dixon

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& # 39;Nicole Auerbach of Athletic tweeted the official NCAA seed list Sunday night and ranked Tennessee 5th. More importantly, the flights were listed at 29-4, which means the selection committee considered Saturday's game against Kentucky as the SEC.BR tournament championship>

I also chose to believe it, which means that the Flights enter the Big Dance after the biggest win in basketball history in Tennessee. A comeback for ages to beat the G League Kats in a de facto match on the road in Nashville.

I've never been as proud of basketball as Saturday afternoon. I had tears of joy to see Grant Williams, Admiral Schofield and Lamonte Turner interviewed after match by Laura Rutledge, who – although Gator – is excellent.

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Laura, Sean Farnham, Aaron Torres and Gary Parrish are the four members of the national media who have believed in All-Weather Flights. I do not know about you, but these four have always been my initiators. Their confidence in Tennessee will be rewarded over the next month because you could not ask for a better draw. We have the draw necessary to go to the end.

We all wanted a seed 1, but Tennessee is not royal and the battle has always been tough. I am convinced that Jay Bilas was ready to ask the state of Florida to seize the last trio of head after fighting against Duke on Saturday for the ACC tournament title.

The flights open Friday afternoon at 2:45 pm against Colgate. I'm sure Pat Forde and Dan Wolken have been trying to figure out who could make a joke about the fastest dental hygiene in their group.

The Patriot League champions are 24-10 this season and 13-5 in the league before winning the conference tournament. They lost in Syracuse in November, 77-56, and at Penn State in December, 76-65. They shoot really well at three, ranking 13th overall with 39.1%, by

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I admit that I did not know anything about Colgate until Sunday. I should spend more time with Matt Langel's team, but I'm writing this Sunday night late and if Tennessee is as good as I think, they should handle their affairs in the first round with relative relative ease.

Aside from Villanova – which is far from being as good as its title teams in 2018 and 16 – could a region be filled with other underachievers at the tournament, especially half of Tennessee?

Cincinnati and Purdue face each other early every year. To be fair, Purdue has had a bit of bad luck recently. Iowa is the most pedestrian of the pedestrian programs of university athletics. They have the same 8-4 team in football each year and Fran McCaffery has perfected the 20-win season with a first weekend outing over the past 10 years. His vocabulary is also the same as that of Kevin O'Neill, which the 6 year old could hear in the day because TBA had only a few thousand spectators at the games. (I hope the guy "Free Isaiah, Dickey has to leave!" Is still alive so that he can enjoy this race.)

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It's a lot to ask the Flights to go as far as any school team, but I'm expecting Tennessee to do at least the Elite 8. This is the third time Rick Barnes has been ranked 2 seeded. The previous two times (2006 and 08 in Texas), his team had reached the Elite 8. No reason this team should not. After that, we will roll the ball and see what happens. I will try my luck and ride or die with Admiral Schofield, Grant Williams, Jordan Bone and the rest of Flights every day.

Go cut nets, Tennessee! That's about the moment.

Other thoughts of the tournament – Gonzaga certainly did not have a favorable draw. The West is probably the most difficult region. Michigan is good enough to win everything. Texas Tech is a great choice for the title. Florida State is remarkable, led by VFL and Phil Cofer, 8 years old. Buffalo and Syracuse are also potential teams for the second weekend. Duke should go to Sweet 16, but Virginia Tech or the state of Mississippi will not be a game of hope, any more than the state of Michigan or possibly LSU. The Blue Devils are the best college basketball team, but once it gets serious the second weekend, it's hard to see them win three times in four straight games. Zion Williamson is good enough to release a game when they can not do anything from outside, but they will be tested more than expected.

– As long as Ole Miss will not become a trendy fashionable choice, they will have a chance to shoot against Virginia. Kermit Davis offended Michigan, two seeded, while he was at the MTSU, and I would not be surprised if he did it to Tony Bennett this year. We have to shoot from outside to beat Virginia and that's what Ole Miss does. If the Rebel Black Bear Landsharks can shoot as they did against Tennessee, they will have a chance.

– North Carolina, Auburn and Kansas in the upper half of the Midwest? I'll have to take a shower after watching these teams play. If a person present is not dressed in the FBI's Burt Macklin, I will be very disappointed. It is never good to trust teams with three players in the tournament, but if Auburn survives the first weekend, they will be able to beat the Tar Heels, who have trouble defending the 3-point line.

– I'll be a big fan of Alilene Christian, Wofford, Seton Hall, Houston, Iowa, and everyone coming out of the FBI quad, probably from the UNC. The day Kentucky is sent home is a holiday in my world. Players like Christian Laettner and teams like the 2015 Wisconsin Badgers will always have a special place in the heart of my sport.

It's finally Mars! Let's enjoy and have fun winning championships together.

@ MattDixon3 & # 39;

Watch!!! Kermit Davis and Ole miss in the second round against the first seed, Virginia ….. This could happen. Ole Miss is just pretty unorthodox and wears enough boots to shut up … Do not sleep on Ole Miss. Davis has already won a win over a # 1 seed ranking. It's not filmed.

In the spirit of our Friday match: What is your favorite toothpaste? I'm a guy from Crest … Never liked the taste of Colgate.

A quick update on us here: If you use Android and switch to a new phone or if you are simply looking for the Tony Basilio Show app and you can not find it in the Google Play Store, you can not imagine anything if you do not do not find it. . That's because our app provider told us that it was pulling out of the app market. Therefore, we are building something else. This will surely happen after the hoop season, so use TuneIn Radio for our feed if you have not yet downloaded the Tony Basilio Show app. If the application is already downloaded, you can continue to use it.

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I do not want to put this blog behind a paywall but I should do it at some point. Three industry insiders have said that I am absolutely idealistic and naive not to place this content behind a kind of paywall. I want all this content to be available to everyone.

The way I see this, I could do four things at this point.

1. Quit and move to a larger market. I could very well do that tomorrow without sweating with what I've accomplished here. Imagine your experience in Tennessee without the craziness we created here. This could happen if you do not get involved. It's not dramatic here, but it's on the table especially with my kids out of the house.

2. Put these things behind a paywall and become something I never wanted to be. This would definitely help us cope with the ever-increasing fixed costs we have every year. Since our inception 14 years ago, our fixed costs have more than doubled. #faxes

3. Stop doing all these extra things and get back to normal life. This would mean that the blog, post game shows, show nights and community engagement / engagement would be reduced. I really do not want that to happen, but it's an option.

4. Convince yourself of the need to get involved. More than 30,000 different people read this blog every month. If a small part of you jumps into the battle with us by joining club T, it could help us a lot to breathe a little.

I challenge anyone to find in your Tennessee experience as many people as we have in your dysfunctional family of Basilio Radio. The need for a new application, which would generate unforeseen expenses, seemed like a good time to converse with you.

If you can not afford it but want to benefit from the information and community here, BIG! Everyone is encouraged to do what he wants, but he feels driven.

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