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The track moves slightly to the east

The 4 hour notice on tropical cyclone # 2 potential has arrived and the trail has moved slightly east this morning. This would cause a "Hurricane Barry" ashore near St. Mary's Parish on a Saturday afternoon. A WATCH hurricane remains in effect across the Louisiana coast and a storm hurricane is in effect in the parishes of Cameron, Vermilion, Iberia and St. Mary of Acadiana. These watches also remain in place for southeastern Louisiana. We still have not seen a lot of organization overnight, so there has been no upgrade of the storm so far. The National Hurricane Center thinks it will become a tropical depression or a tropical storm later today.

Models continue to regroup over Louisiana. Forecasts predict huge amounts of precipitation. Most of the region can expect good rainfall of 6 to 12 inches, with larger amounts on localized areas. These rains would begin on Friday and continue until Monday, with scattered thunderstorms throughout the day Tuesday. This would bring the potential for flooding in the area. Hurricane force winds should be limited to offshore waters and the immediate coast, but much of the eastern half of the Acadiana will see tropical storm force winds exceed 40 mph.

Storm surges of 4 to 6 feet are likely for our coastal parishes, which can also cause flooding along inland bayous, canals and waterways. Coastal areas can expect tides stronger than normal from Friday. Some roads, especially on Cameron Parish, could be flooded tomorrow.

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