The Trail Blazers' victory over the Grizzlies allowed Jusuf Nurkic to win more than a million dollars


Jusuf Nurkic, a great Portland Trail Blazers man, unfortunately saw his excellent season cut short on March 25, when he was fractured his leg against the Nlyn Brooklyn. But even if he will not be able to dress up again this season, he still gets bonuses.

Due to an incentive clause in his contract, Nurkic should earn an additional $ 1.25 million by playing 70 games and Trail Blazers by winning 50. Via ESPN:

After playing 79 games last year, Nurkic must play at least 70 games and allow the Trail Blazers to win 50 games to win $ 1.25 million. The bonus is considered unlikely on the cover sheet because Portland won 49 games last season.

If Nurkic won this bonus, his tax bill would go from $ 12.6 million to $ 14.7 million.

Despite his injury with the end-of-season injury, Nurkic has already played 72 games, surpassing this record. With Wednesday's 116-89 victory over the Grizzlies, the Blazers have reached the 50-game winning streak – which is a lot of money for Nurkic.

Although Nurkic obviously prefers to stay in the field, it's a great way to improve morale. It's also good news for the Trail Blazers, who have not won 50 games in one season since 2015. In addition, they must close the season in strength to retain not only the No. 4 seed from the West, but also potentially. catch the Houston Rockets for the third seed.

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