The trailer of "L & HH: Atlanta" explains why Spice had a white face


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Why Spice Went White Face

18/03/2019 17:05 PDT


Star & Love & Hip Hop & # 39; Spice up Apparently, she felt pressured by the music industry about her "look", which may explain why she went deep into the skin to promote new music … or at least, apparently there.

In an exclusive teaser season of clips, obtained by TMZ, an arts development officer explained to Spice that her appearance was mediocre, which sent her back to a doctor's office as she was starting to ask if she should potentially whiten her skin.

It's pretty dramatic … the doctor even tells her that she should undergo a psychological evaluation before continuing the bleaching. Looks like Spice did not like that.

The trailer captures only a portion of the convo that seems to have sent Spice into the rabbit's burrow by asking him about his "look", but VH1 has published the full text. The guy, von, says nothing about light, but suggests that its current image may not work in the United States.

As we reported … Spice certainly went full face white as part of the launch of his new mixtape, "Black Hypocrisy", which shocked all their mothers.

Interestingly, Spice then publicly stated that she had not bleached her skin … and that the photo was meant to raise blacks' awareness of colorism.

This is certainly not how the new trailer plays here, but it seems that people will have to listen to see what really happened. Season 8 begins on March 25th.

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