The trailer of "The OA Part II" promises that its plot can become even stranger

If you have completed the first part of this unusual series centered on a blind young woman who returns home seven years after being kidnapped and has the ability to see, it probably should not seem like a big jump. Weekly entertainment has more plot details to explain what you see in the trailer (possible spoilers if you have not finished the first part).

Marling's character (the lead actress and the writer), Prairie / The OA, has been successfully transferred to another universe where she has never been kidnapped and teamed up with a detective to solve another mystery while his friends in Part 1 stay in their universe. always trying to understand exactly what happened. In a recent article published on Instagram, Marling explained that "the length, scope and even the genre of our chapters vary," which contributes to the production lead time and prepares the table for a second series as thorny as the first.

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