The trial of a former OSU student is due to start on Wednesday

CORVALLIS, Ore. – A former student of Oregon State University, accused of pasting racist bumper stickers on cars, must begin his trial Wednesday morning.

In a report released earlier this year, police said that Andrew Oswalt and another suspect had placed leaflets on "white oppression" and "white pride" on 20 to 25 vehicles at a meeting titled "Stand Up for Racial Justice" in Corvallis in June 2017.

Police attempted to contact Oswalt in December 2017 and finally met him in January. They said that when an officer asked him if he was responsible, Oswalt shrugged and said "huh."

Oswalt was arrested in January and last week he waived his right to a jury trial. This means that a judge will likely hear the case in a lawsuit.

The trial was to begin at 9:30.

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