The Trump administration asks the court to give the green light to the application of new restrictions on asylum

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By Pete Williams

The Justice Department on Tuesday ordered a federal judge in San Francisco to lift an order barring the Trump administration from enforcing new strict restrictions on asylum.

And if the judge does not act by Wednesday, the government said it would ask the court of appeal of the ninth circuit to block the judge 's order.

In his lawsuit, government lawyers said the judge had undermined the president's efforts to encourage people in transit caravans in Mexico to comply with US law. Instead, the government has stated that migrants, "rather than presenting themselves properly at a point of entry at the border, violate our criminal law and endanger themselves by illegally entering the country, as is the case in the country. have amply demonstrated the events. "

On 9 November, as migrants approached Central America, President Donald Trump signed a proclamation preventing the government from considering asylum claims from anyone illegally crossing the southern border of the states. -United. Only asylum requests made at border control points would be taken into account, he added.

"Mass migration of foreigners continues and threatened, unable to be admitted," said Trump, "precipitated a crisis and undermined the integrity of our borders".

An immigrant rights group immediately filed a lawsuit. On November 19, Federal Court Judge Jon S. Tigar ordered the administration to stop applying the new rules. He added that the order of President Trump was a violation of the current federal law which requires the government to consider asylum claims from anyone who manages to enter the United States, no matter what the case may be. arrival mode of an immigrant. "He can not rewrite the immigration laws to impose a condition expressly prohibited by Congress," wrote Tigar.

President Trump criticized Tigar's decision, saying it was from an "Obama judge". It is this comment that caused a surprise retort from Chief Justice John Roberts, who said: "We have no Obama judges, neither Trump judges, nor Bush judges nor Clinton." We have an extraordinary group dedicated judges who do their best to do their best, equal to those who appear before them.

The court's Tuesday report said 396,579 immigrants were apprehended after crossing the border illegally in the past 12 months – more than 1,000 a day. "The executive is allowed to use all the legal tools available to stop this dangerous and illegal practice," he said.

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