The Trump administration is creating a committee to deny the facts about climate change on which almost all scientists agree.


The Trump administration would be ready to set up a working group to review and possibly change the US government's position on climate change.

A committee reporting to the National Security Council (NSC) would include skeptics who have questioned the scientific consensus on global warming caused by humans, officials said.

The White House plan was championed by William Happer, a senior NSC director and physicist who challenged the damaging impact of CO2 emissions on the Earth's atmosphere.

Ensuring that the panel operates under the NSC would avoid the generally required public scrutiny of government advisory committees, senior officials said. The Washington Post.

The White House would like to formally challenge recent federal reports, including the National Climate Assessment – an inter-agency study released in November that described the threats posed by global warming to the United States.

The report linked climate change to an increase in natural disasters and warned of the disastrous effects of not containing a rise in global temperatures to 2 ° C. Just days after its release, Donald Trump told reporters: "I do not believe that."

Climatologists have strongly condemned the latest Trump administration plan, which would have been discussed Friday in the White House meeting room.

"It's like gathering a group of gravity skeptics who insist that it is safe to jump high-rise buildings, except that they want to take us all with them," said climatologist Axios. at NASA Kate Stark.

Trump's choice for UN ambassador believes climate change is a scientific topic

"It's a very bad idea that refuses to die. All bureaucracies have them, they are simply more dangerous when they are from the White House and live in the White House, "said retired US oceanographer David Titley.

Donald Trump has described the National Climate Assessment as a study prepared by officials of the Obama administration, but scientists have insisted that the federal study be subject to a series of exams deepened by peers.

Concern over the concern of NSC senior executive Mr. Happer also warned that the scientific consensus on climate change would be "a cult".

In 2010, he told a climate committee in the House of Representatives that global warming "will be modest compared to natural fluctuations in Earth's temperature, and that warming and increasing CO2 will be beneficial for the world." # 39; humanity. "

Mr. Happer previously led a skeptical think tank called CO2 Coalition, a group that received funding from the right wing, the Mercer Family Foundation, according to the Climate Investigations Center.

The president has his own story of denying science about anthropogenic climate change. Mr. Trump once claimed that the phenomenon was a Chinese hoax aimed at harming US exports and repeatedly confused the seasonal climate and global warming.

Last week, he chose diplomat Kelly Craft as the country's ambassador to the United Nations. Ms. Craft said that she respected "both sides" of the science of climate change, viewing consensus as a debate in which deniers have equal credibility.

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