The truth stick is only $ 15 on the Nintendo switch


South Park
(Photo: Ubisoft)

Ubisoft has for a limited time South Park: The Stick of Truth costs only $ 15 on Nintendo Switch, a good business for the role-playing game released in 2014, but still very good, especially because it is essentially an interactive season South Park with a turn-based strategic fight.

Meanwhile, the new adventure of South Park – South Park: the fractured but whole – is also currently on sale through the Nintendo Switch eShop, but as it is newer, it costs a bit more. However, you can not do much better for $ 24 on the switch, which is a very good price considering its release in 2017. You can find the list here.

If you have not played any of the two games, they are pretty similar and must absolutely play for fans of South Park. The biggest difference between the two is the themes: Stick of Truth offers role-playing games to children as RPG fantasies, The fractured but whole the gangs are superheroes.

The other big difference is the fight. The latter features a more robust turn-based combat system that puts more emphasis on strategy and planning than the previous one, which is simpler and easier to master.

Beyond that, the games are quite similar. There is all the classic South Park characters and humor, lots of reminders, the freedom to explore the city and look for collectibles, and of course the ability to handle powerful farts and the like.

Here is an excerpt from our official journal of South Park: the fractured but whole for those who are interested:

"South Park: The Stick of Truth proved that, despite all the delays, a good game of the series could be done, with the right team on board. But The fractured but whole makes extra efforts, plays with themes, improves presentation, adds useful elements to the game and simply plays with everything. It is not retained either, making it an even more dedicated South Park product.

"Those who are not fans of the series can skip this adventure safely, but if you know and appreciate what Trey and Matt do – or if you just want to see Cartman explain the horrors of a true story, well sure) – so The Fractured But Whole is a must-have. "


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