The unbearable lightness of Beto


Beto O'Rourke is the Democratic leader today because he represents nothing.

In the first 24 hours of his presidential race, the former Congressman of El Paso collected $ 6.1 million. This is a record, and to date, it is the most significant objective measure of support in the primary domain of Democrats. Polls this early measure only name recognition. Beto is the favorite.

The question is Why. The answer is dark.

Other Democratic candidates have achievements or ideas to report. Joe Biden was vice-president and played an important (albeit disastrous) role in the Senate for decades, notably as chair of the external relations and judiciary committees. Senator Bernie Sanders created a grassroots movement with 13 million votes in 2012. Senator Elizabeth Warren's policy proposals are bad, but at least they are political ideas. And say what you want with the happy promises of Senator Kamala Harris to sue her enemies, but at least it's a platform.

O'Rourke expels all these Democrats without indicating the slightest achievement or policy. His whole act is leaking away from anything and represents nothing.

Asked about the AR-15, he managed to simultaneously approve and request their restriction. Asked about the policy to follow, he withdraws behind vague generalities. His record is very thin, but he even runs away from it. O'Rourke spent the early days swearing at everything he had said in the past, including harmless campaign jokes.

He spent the years 2017 and 2018 trying and failing to oust Senator Ted Cruz and then spent the next few months find each other in (we do not bother you) while traveling the country and listening to his dreams. O & # 39; Rourke jokingly noted that these trips left his wife with essential parenting duties. Whether or not relief for her was not revealed, but her point of view was terribly decomposed and he apologized for it.

That's how to reach the top of the Democratic Party today. Do not represent anything, not even a compliment to your wife. Why is it so good for Democrats? The answer is Barack Obama and Donald Trump: the first must be imitated and the second must be defeated.

Obama won in 2008 a blank canvas on which centrists and liberals, young and old, could project their dreams. O'Rourke is trying to be the new Obama, giving a new meaning to "running white".

Although a sizeable part of the Democratic base is really concerned about the far left politics such as "Medicare for all", a "free" college, a minimum wage of 15 $, a "Green New Deal" and chasing churches from the public square, it is still a minority. Most Democratic primary voters believe that Trump must be defeated at all costs.

If they have to name someone who represents nothing, it's fine for the Democrats, provided that it's against Trump.

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