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The universe of the DC cinema has a new strategy and a continuation 'Aquaman'.

After "Aquaman" smashed the box office last year with more than a billion dollars in the world, a sequel was inevitable. Wednesday, the studio Warner Bros. has set its release date to December 16, 2022. But the success of "Aquaman" does not only benefit the Atlantean superhero. Warner Bros. has redesigned its strategy for superhero movies.

"The universe is not as connected as we thought it was five years ago," Warner Bros. General Manager Kevin Tsujihara told the Los Angeles Times in an interview published Wednesday. "You see a lot more emphasis on individual experiences around individual characters." That's not to say that we will not come back at some point to the notion of a more connected universe. that's the right strategy for us now. " "

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Warner Bros. & # 39; The film universe of DC, formerly known as the DC Extended Universe, debuted with "Batman v Superman: The Dawn of Justice" and "Suicide Squad" in 2016. Both films went well. featured at the box office, but were torn by movie critics 27% critics scores of rotten tomatoes).

The financial and critical failure of "Justice League" was the last nail in the coffin of the DCEU. Becoming DC's response to Marvel's "Avengers", the 2017 film only reported $ 229 million in the United States, less than "Avengers: Infinity War" during its first weekend.

DC's lineup was "Wonder Woman", the blockbuster of 2017 that was a hit with the public and critics. The film was largely removed from the wider universe, more telling an autonomous story than "Batman v Superman" and "Suicide Squad". This set a precedent for what "Aquaman" could accomplish, and therefore for the DC franchise.

The next DC movie, "Shazam!," Will be released in April.
Warner Bros.

How a new strategy will benefit the world of DC cinema

"Aquaman" and "Wonder Woman" have both been disconnected from the shared movie universe as Warner Bros. has built and that has resulted in the "Justice League". They are also the best rated films in the franchise and have been major box office successes.

It is therefore wise that Warner Bros. focuses on what worked for the franchise rather than trying to replicate the Marvel Cinematic Universe formula. Not only is an "Aquaman" sequel running, but a derivative film about the creatures of the trench is also in development.

A sequel to "Wonder Woman", "Wonder Woman 1984", will be toured again in the past, this time during the Cold War, unlike the First World War. It will arrive in theaters in June after being pushed back from November. The first film was also released in June, and Warner Bros. obviously wants to take advantage of the summer release date.

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The upcoming movies will try to capture the magic of "Wonder Woman" and "Aquaman".

"Shazam !," about a young boy who has magical powers and can turn into a superhero by pronouncing the title phrase before April. An original story about Batman's greatest nemesis, "Joker", featuring Joaquin Phoenix as the famous villain, will be released in October. And a movie "Birds of Prey" will be released next February, with Margot Robbie resuming her role as "Suicide Squad" Harley Quinn.

Regarding Batman and Superman, Ben Affleck will not return in the role of the Black Knight in the reboot of director Matt Reeves ("The war for the planet of the apes"), which must be released on June 25, 2021. Superman actor Henry Cavill will not come back either, reported the Hollywood Reporter in September.

"What Patty Jenkins did on" Wonder Woman "illustrated what you could do with these characters who are not Batman and Superman," Tsujihara told The Times. "Of course, we want these two people to be in the right place, and we want strong films around Batman and Superman, but" Aquaman "is a perfect example of what we can do, they are unique and the tone is different in each film. "

"Shazam!" "Joker" will be a detective film, and Robbie said that "Birds of Prey" is not "a very serious movie" – his full title is "Birds of Prey (and Fantastic Emancipation) Harley Quinn" ). "

The DC universe has had a difficult start, but its future is bright.

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