The University of Indiana sends a mumps reminder to students for the Little 500 weekend

BLOOMINGTON, Indiana – Indiana University leaders remind students what they should and should not do to help prevent the spread of mumps after seven confirmed cases.

A spokeswoman for Indiana University said Friday that the school believed the problem was fairly well under control, even though it had been labeled an epidemic by the Indiana State Department of Health. .

"Do what is logical," said Chuck Carney, director of communications and marketing for the university. "Do not drink after someone, do not share a cup, do not share the utensils.If you are going to be near someone, what can happen this weekend, you have to take precautions . "

In an email to students earlier in the week, the university advised them to take similar steps, encourage hand washing, cover their coughs and sneezes, and stay home if you're sick or sick. to avoid sick people.

Students were encouraged to check their MMR vaccine (measles, mumps, rubella) and to ensure that they had received two doses.

The fraternity of origin of three cases, the last confirmed this week, had a free clinic at home to give students a third free dose to help stop the spread.

"This gives them a stronger vaccine and greater immunity," said Carney.

With the crowds increasing during the Little 500 weekend and warmer temperatures to increase participation in social activities, the university said students and other community members should inquire about mumps and how to stop the spread.

"It's pretty well contained and we think that will continue to be the case," Carney said.

The first confirmed case of mumps involving an IU student occurred on February 12th.

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