The University of Michigan gives its teachers hockey pucks to fight the shooters

Instead of, you know, firearms

A University of Michigan is taking a new approach to tackling the threat of school shooters, equipping its teachers with hockey pucks to protect themselves from mass murderers armed with guns.

Oakland University's weapon-making pucks are "a last resort against active shooters on campus". The Detroit News reports.

According to the university's chief of police, the program was based on an idea put forward during an active shooter training session that "one participant asked what staff and students could bring to prepare in combat.

The chief "remembered being hit in the head with a puck in his head and saying it was causing me a lot of damage."

The "impulsive moment" decision "had merit and was successful," said the chef. The faculty union of the university then spent $ 2,500 for the pucks and distributes them free to faculty members, as well as to students.

According to one teacher, "My first reaction was: Are you talking about dealing with an assault weapon and asking us to fight back with hockey pucks? It seemed silly. Then I followed the training session and it all made sense. None of us wants to face an armed assailant. Students will look to us for leadership in a situation like this. "

"[T]his idea makes as much sense as anything else, "said the professor. according to The Detroit News, the university "has an order against weapons."

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