The update makes Google Assistant a point of contact


If you own a Google Home Hub and are tired of saying "Hey Google" whenever you want to extend a conversation with Google Assistant, you'll find some relief. An update will soon be released by the technology giant that will allow smart screens to support the "Continuous Conversation" feature of the wizard. When enabled, the feature allows the Virtual Personal Assistant to stay active longer so that you can answer the following questions.

Bibo Xu, product manager of Google Assistant, said that this feature "allows you to have a natural conversation with the Google agent." You can find "Conversation Suite" on smart screens available in the US, such as the Google Home Hub, Lenovo Smart DisplayTM, JBL Link View and LG XBOOM AI ThinQ WK9. To enable this feature, you must access the Google Assistant app and click on settings > preferences > Continuing the conversation and press the rocker.

The update will also add new features to Google Assistant, including Interpreter Model. This allows you to have a "fluent" conversation in a foreign language. To activate it, say "Hey Google, be my French interpreter." Although you can add your smart display to a group of existing speakers, the next update will add controls to control the volume of any speaker in the group from the display screen. clever. Tap the layer group name to start it.

The Google Assistant can control over 10,000 smart devices for your home, and with smart display you can control cameras, lights, smart devices and more through an on-screen dashboard. Sliding from the top edge will reveal your view of the house. And if you want to prove that you are the champion of trivia in your family, you can gather them around your smart screen and say, "Hey, Google, are you lucky?" to launch a trivia contest five rounds.

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