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Since Division 2Last month, Massive was busy dealing with some of the most problematic issues in the new game of roulette before bringing more and more difficult content to the game. Now, the launch of Division 2The global level 5 is imminent and the developer has announced that it will make several changes in parallel with its publication.

Scheduled to go online on Friday 5 April, the next Division 2 The update will be the first "balancing pass" of the game. It focuses on skills, mods, and so on. Regarding the skills, the update specifically targets three of them: the sniper turret, the Chem launcher and the FireFly. The details on the changes are as follows:

  • Sniper turrets detect enemies and are controllable, allowing players to direct them to a specific part of the enemy's body, such as the head or the weak point.
  • Chem Launchers can be activated and used as weapons until they are stored, giving players more control over their skills.
  • FireFly has been redesigned so that players can score their opponents faster.

Skill mods are also being reorganized, the bonuses they grant being directly correlated to the power of skill required to unlock them. In addition, the power of skill that can be achieved with equipment has also changed, the goal being to allow players to unlock more skill changes and increase the viability of builds based on Division 2"Best skills.

Division 2 skill changes

Similarly, mods of arms are considerably reworked and players can hope to experiment with new modifications of their Division 2 exotic. Specifically, the negative aspects of a majority of weapon mods have been removed and there will be one mod for each weapon location with no negative value. To compensate for this change, the positive values ​​have been reduced.

A number of actual weapons will also be modified in the next update. Namely, the LVOA-C, Lightweight M4, Shotgun AA12 and LMG MG5 will be polished, while Sniper M700 and Rifle MK17 will do less damage.

With this update, Massive shows that he is not happy to authorize Division 2 stagnate. While our Division 2 Review describes the game as a "far superior product" compared to its predecessor. Many fans will certainly be pleased to know that changes are still being made to the title.

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 is now available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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