The update to YouTube Music finally brings one of the most requested features


YouTube Music is suitable for many people, but the application also has drawbacks. One of the features cited as missing is the support for Android Auto. Until the last update, YouTube Music users had to start and manually manage the application on their phone when it was connected to the car to be able to listen to music.

However, with support for Android Auto, you can now tap the Music tab and choose YouTube Music as your music source. Then you will have five options that you can choose from Mixtape, Recommended, Last Read, and Downloads.

Unfortunately, as AndroidPolice points out, YouTube Music does not offer well-prepared playlists, unlike other streaming music streaming apps such as Google Play Music and Spotify. The best you'll get will be automatically generated playlists based on your favorite songs, as well as standard lists including some of the most popular music genres.

If you have not yet followed the YouTube Music movement due to lack of support for Android Auto, this would be a good time to reconsider your streaming music streaming options while driving.

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