The version & # 39; 90 & # 39; of me would have loved this fantasy 'Version 90' of the Samsung Galaxy Fold


Before the arrival of the iPhone, it was not uncommon for me to upgrade my cell phone every few months. I fully recognize that it was an addiction, but it was also a good time when cell phones did not all look like a glass plate without functions. Companies have tried every imaginable hardware gadget to bring out their devices and, as imagined by Squirrel Monkey employees, a "90th" version of the Samsung Fold would have been an essential upgrade.

Squirrel Monkey is best known for reinventing what popular websites and online services would have looked like in the era of modem Internet access and slow desktop computers. This should really start making more retro hardware mockups, though, because the real Galaxy Fold feels almost irrelevant in 2019. A screen would have been much more useful at a time when cell phone displays were about the size of a mobile phone. A postage stamp, and the burgeoning smart devices are struggling to make their user interfaces work.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold of the 90s almost reminds me of the Nokia 6820, which unveiled a full QWERTY keyboard, or the Sony Ericsson P900, which included a keypad that can bend down to reveal a full keyboard on the underside, and additional screen real estate . Say what you want about the incredibly expensive Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X, but at least the design of mobile phones becomes weird, wacky and interesting.

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