The very white redesign of Gmail is now available to all Android users.

The extremely brilliant update of Material Design from Gmail is now available to all Android users via an update on the Google Play Store after being announced last month.

The update brings new design elements, such as the company's Google Sans font (also called "Pixel font"), a new search bar that will appear at the top of the screen and eliminate the red menu bar which was previously app. Google also has a little cleaned up the general design so that things seem less cluttered.

Image: Google

The essential thing is that the application is very gloss. For some reason, removing this red bar at the top of the screen makes it all the more obvious as the rest of the display is now a block of solid, white text. This is enough to make you lower the brightness of your phone in some cases.

Despite the new paint layer, it's still Gmail, and it should work as the Gmail app always does. The update is available to all Android users today and should also arrive soon for iOS users. (Sunglasses not included.)

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