The victim of the slaughter of Aurora's wife received a message from her husband: "I love you, I was shot at work"

For Terra Pinkard, the nightmare began with a disturbing text from her husband: "I love you, I was shot at work."

Pinkard will soon learn that her husband, Josh Pinkard, is one of five people killed when a colleague fired by Henry Pratt Co. opens fire. Pinkard, 37, was the director of the factory where the water valves are made.

Terra Pinkard said in a message posted Sunday on Facebook that it had taken him "several times to read it before telling me that it was real".

Then, she wrote, she started calling her phone. She texted him and FaceTimed – and got no answer. She reached someone at the factory who told her that she was "barricaded in her room with the police everywhere".

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