The victory of the Green Paper on BlacKkKlansman is not without controversy


Although I'm not a fan of the Oscars or the awards in general, it was hard to cover the noise of the 91st Academy Awards when it hit screens last Sunday. Beyond the wave of accommodation that overwhelmed Kevin Hart and would have allowed ABC to consider using the Avengers to host the show, the campaigns for nominated films were plunged into controversy. None as much as Green paper, which won the tiny status of the best film.

Director Peter Farrelly and writer Nick Vallelonga fell into hot water as the Oscar campaign began to heat up. Farrelly, director of There is something about Mary, had to deal with stories that have recently surfaced that he would have used his penis on the 1998 comedy set several times. "I was an idiot. I did it dozens of years ago and I thought I was funny. The truth is that I am embarrassed and it makes me shiver now. I am deeply sorry, "said the director, confirming and apologizing for the events.

Nick Vallelonga's complete Twitter profile disappeared when redesigning a 2015 tweet, where he supported an urban myth denied that "thousands upon thousands" of Muslims were celebrating in New Jersey after the fall of the towers September 11th. Interestingly, Green Book speaks in part of Frank Anthony Vallelonga's father, Nick's father, a racist man who was transformed by his encounter with a minority.

Finally, the actor Viggo Mortensen was the subject of a close examination after the use of the word -N during a question-and-answer session following the projection of the film last year. He later apologized.

If these problems were not enough, many critics of the film accuse him of bleaching history, smile at Jim Crow South and turn this film into a comedy for two who ignores all the tensions of the time and story "white -Savior". Dr. Shirley's family, whom Mahershala Ali plays in the film, called it a "symphony of lies."

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Where Spike Lee came across one of these questions, we will probably never know. We know he had his own tumultuous history at the Academy. Lee has been working in Hollywood for more than 30 years and since then, despite writing and directing previously nominated films for various Oscars, he has Do the right thing, Malcolm X, and 4 little girls, BlacKkKlansman was his first nomination for Best Director. Finally, Lee lost to Alfonso Cuaron, director of Roma.

Interestingly, Lee does not seem to have made any noise when he announced the Best Director Award. However, when taking the best picture, Lee let his feelings Green paper was announced as the winner.

Lee attempted to leave the Dolby Theater after the announcement, but eventually stopped after a heated discussion with one of the BlacKkKlansmans producers, Jordan Peele, who won the Best Director Award get out. After, Lee returned to his seat, but turned his back on the stage during the acceptance speeches.

Later, in the newsroom for winning the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay, Lee, who is an avid fan of the New York Knicks, said, "I thought I was at the court. [Madison Square] Garden and the referee made a bad choice.

The noise I was trying to drown hit me at full speed when I opened the Internet this morning. A brief reading of the voices in the conversation showed that many people were in agreement with Lee. Although I really enjoyed BlacKkKlansman, I have not seen it yet Green paper. After last night, I'm actually more interested in seeing him and deciding myself if I agree with Lee's assessment.

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