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The video game The Lord of the Rings Amazon is under development – / Movie

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Amazon is busy at the forge with its the Lord of the Rings projects. In addition to the highly anticipated the the Lord of the Rings prequel series being produced for Amazon Prime Video, the company's games division is developing a massively multiplayer game the Lord of the Rings video game that will be free for the PC and consoles.

Exploring Middle-earth will not be just a fantasy thanks to a new the Lord of the Rings MMO developed by Amazon Game Studios and Leyou, according to The Verge. Amazon announced that the new free console title was developed in partnership with the Athlon Games, owned by Leyou, who revealed last year that she was working on a "Middle Earth business" with a "developer developer" unnamed. developer turns out to be Amazon Game Studios, which is developing the video game separately from the upcoming Amazon Prime Video the Lord of the Rings TV shows.

The new MMO is "well before the events of The Lord of the Rings, exploring lands, people and creatures that fans of the Tolkien universe had never seen before, "according to the announcement made by Athlon in the fall. Although this seems strangely similar to the premise of the next edition of Amazon the Lord of the Rings series that will take place in Middle-earth during the Second Age – centuries before the events of Ring Community – Amazon says that the show and the game are unrelated projects.

This would not be the first time a world-based video game by J.R.R. Tolkien, or even the first MMO. The Lord of the Rings Online exists since 2007, allowing players to experience adventures parallel to the events of the War of the Ring in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and has been frequently updated – the latest one was published in October 2018. But I'm sure many of us have fond memories of many games that have been released as a result of Peter Jackson's release the Lord of the Rings movies, or even the many that came out before. I've personally spent hours on a Hobbit video game for Game Boy Advance. The rich setting provides the ideal template for a standard fantasy RPG, whether you personally follow the scenario of the books or not.

There are not yet details on when Amazon will be waiting to publish the MMO or on which consoles it will be available. Expect more soon.

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