The video of the police on the attack of a knife in defense becomes viral

A ten-second video published by the Public Security Bureau of Baoshan City, Yunnan Province, became viral on Chinese social networks. He answers the question of how you will survive a knife attack. This video showing Chinese police tips has more than 16 million views to date.

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  1. Great advice! Much more realistic than all these martial arts "self-defense" videos that tell you to stand and fight.

  2. Humor aside, he is extremely right. If you can't run, try and find anything that can keep the assailant at a distance. Never should you try any martial-artsy bullshit to disarm him.

  3. this actually is the best advise you will ever get. even martial teachers say the same thing. its not worth it to be permanently get disabled/killed for a fucking wallet. the only reason you have to fight someone with a knife is while you are protecting you children/family . you have been warned.

  4. Great advice to citizens…..

  5. This is the best Chinese police video ever . Who says Chinese do not have sense of humour . This reminds me of Jackie Chan

  6. Lol.. this is good. In America they would tell you to fight him ?

  7. Chinese police have no spine. What a joke.

  8. This is actually what you should do if facing a knife attack. Don't be a hero and stupid.

  9. the killer/killers can have many attack victims on a crowded street which if the crowd is startled can cause a human stampede and a human barrier..a human made death cage.

  10. Link to original video please

  11. Chinese police has sense of humor Americunt police shoot you first they aren,t playing around.

  12. Best knife defence video ever!

  13. That is what France did in WW2 😛