The video of this viral woman wants her mother to be paraded and tied to a tree


TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – Video of a woman who devotes her bitter experience to traffic on social networks.

By launching, the video was uploaded to Siliyana Angelita Manurung's Facebook account on Wednesday (12/09/2018).

The woman who lives in the field of Medan Estate asks for help to the community and asks for justice.

"Good night to Facebook's friends, to all of you, I'm coming back from Polrestabes to complain and post-mortem," he said opening the video.

Crying, the woman said that the night before, two boys came to her house to sell shoes.

Apparently, the shoes sold by these children were stolen shoes.

They sell these shoes to Angelita's mother.

"At first, my mother refused, but the child insisted because because I wanted to buy rice, not eat, my mother had finally bought it," he said.

The next morning, he was surprised when someone woke up saying that his mother had been strolled because of the purchase of stolen shoes.

He rushed to the place.

"The heart of a child, once arrived at the crime scene, saw the condition of his mother tied as an animal with underwear wrapped in cardboard, wrapped in shoes that he has purchased.

In trying to help her mother, Angelita claimed to have been hit by a man, with the initials of the initials who was the leader of a mass organization.

Angelita also told the man that he had no right to judge people.

However, according to him, the man hit him twice on the lips.

When he wanted to approach his mother, he was blocked by several people until he fell to the ground.

Then, he said, his mother was sent back to the football field next to her house.

"How does a child feel, a child who lives with a mother, has no father, I do not want to share my sadness, I just ask where are the people who have a conscience," he said. he continued.

After that, he explained that MP had given him two choices, from his mother's village or business, namely that the tuak shop had been destroyed.

The tuak shop was destroyed.

Angelita also shared pictures of destroyed buildings.

In addition, Angelita said that they also took two of her motorcycles, accusing them of being stolen.

For this incident, Angelita also asked for justice.

(Until this news is revealed, the police did not provide any information regarding the incident).

Check out the video above. ( Widiastuti)