The video 'Permit Patty & # 39; becomes viral

A woman who allegedly called the cops on a girl to sell water on the street in San Francisco creates a social commotion and is identified as "Permit Patty", joining the notorious team occupied by Becky BBQ and Jogger Joe. Video: @ Ladyesowavy / Instagram [ad_2]


  1. Permit patty got them cakes i’ll smash.

  2. you need a business permit to sell. which part of that you cognitive dissonant low-IQ groundcrawlers DO NOT UNDERSTAND?

  3. Meanwhile, down the street, some entrepreneurial young gentlemen were selling crack without a permit. Why does she pick on the little girl selling water when there are so many better ways she could be using her crime-fighting talents?

  4. The 911 call has been released

  5. what a freak..Jesus get a life.

  6. Nothing new under the sun in America. Some racists are in the closet and some are out. She would probably give you the classic racists response, "I am not a racist, unless I tell you I am a racist". Followed by I am the victim of reverse discrimination.

  7. I’m not saying what she did is right, but we do not have all the facts especially since the video is only 16 seconds long. We have no way to know what happened before or after to cause this reaction. That being said, it’s still really shitty of her to call the cops on an 8 year old

  8. She is the reason we need to get out and vote in 2018 unless you want libs like her calling the police on your children for selling bottled water. Vote, Vote and Vote again.

  9. I don't think this woman deserves the backlash she's receiving from the public right now, jesus christ. But, it is definitely silly to call the police about something like this.

  10. Wow nothing better to do than bug a little girl so much more to worry about

  11. ? permit patty ? barbeque Becky ?

  12. Illegally selling water Is A Joke???

  13. “Permit Patty” Hahahaha I’m so weak

  14. Fuck this white trash piece of shit. Using police to scare a little black girl. Fucking white people…

  15. Just another isolated incident in the big city. Move along and smile you got 4 Disneyland tickets for your upload.

  16. Takes out death note book writes her name in it

  17. Ugly fat women always act like cunts No matter what race they are i have seen fat ugly women complain about a lot of things they are just mad at life because they are fat and ugly and no guy wants them Lots of anger they have

  18. Fuck that fat racist Bitch!!!

  19. a white woman with thumbs??? for the same reason chimpanzees do? yup.

  20. So little black girls are exempt from laws that would get me fined? Patty, I'm on your side. Laws are in place for a reason and little black girls are not exempt. Get a permit like everyone else is required to do.

  21. Her life is ruined. Not sure the punishment fits the crime here though.

  22. Bbq Becky and Permit Patty somehow looks very similar. I wonder if they are sisters.

  23. fuck that squat was cringey, what a whale 😀

  24. Patty reminds me of liberals and CNN reporting FAKE NEWS

  25. we all know that if you really want to endanger the life and freedom of unarmed black people you call the police, this is in chapter one of The White Woman's Guide To Effective Revenge

  26. Just goes to show how awfully STUPID someone can be EVEN with 2 Masters Degrees!

  27. Someone call the authorities to tell 'Permit Patty' she is way to fat to where spandex.

  28. hahahahh trump people are very stupid….kids making some money and they trip….

  29. She was right to call the police, nobody knows where that water really came from. If your children were to drink it, would you allow it? I have lived long enough in Africa to tell you that over there some people do not mind selling contaminated water in plastic bottles (from legal brands) once they drank the good water from it … It's basically the first thing to know when you go to some third world countries (or else you end up with diarrea or even worse) because many people do it in these countries (they dont understand they have biological immunity from their mother who drunk this contaminated water when pregnant, or even worse some of them sell this contaminated water knowing the risks just to make some money)

  30. That woman ain't nothing but a stool pigeon to squealing on that little girl.

  31. Somerhings in the water!!! Permit patty would have been ok if she only drank the liitle girls bottled water

  32. you got fired on your day off bitch… LOL

  33. She is what’s wrong with America, not illegals, not drugs or crime, it’s racism! People let’s all get along. It’s not that difficult to be a shining light of love instead of a black light of hate.

  34. She just mad because Roseanne got kicked off her own show.

  35. It’s not your property though

  36. Before I even knew about the story I guessed this took place in crazy liberal San Francisco.