The video shoot of Amrita and Pranay before the wedding becomes viral #honourkilling


It was beautiful as a peacock feather in the story of love … Amrita and Pranay … walking with arms in arms … Amrita and romance immersed in love each other … By breaking the bonds of society and caste, this lover is united I did not spare any effort to make it memorable. The company has exerted strong pressure on both sides, but there is no tension between the two in this pre-wedding video around Hidden Castell near Siddipet, 80 kilometers from Hyderabad. These romantic poses look more like a pair of movie stars. When Amrita and Prannoy shot these videos, both had no idea that a terrible turning point in their love story was going to occur. On September 14, 2018, a mercenary brutally murdered the murderer when he returned home after showing his pregnant wife Amrita to the hospital. Amrita's father gave the supari $ 10 million to have her murdered. Amrita's father, who was associated with the so-called high caste, could not bear his daughter's choosing a dalit as a life partner. Pranay is no longer in this world, but his brand is set in the belly of Amrita. This video of the two of them becomes very viral on social media with this message that human beings can be eliminated, not love.

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